Homeless students lack support system

Cheyenne Smith, Reporter

According to The Comprehensive Report On Homeless, about 13,621 people experience homelessness in Utah last year. Not only is homelessness a problem in our community it is a problem all over the country. More than 3.5 million people in the United States experience homelessness each year.

We all have needs and wants. Needs are essential for life and wants are extra things that are not essential. Deseret News explains the state of Utah plans to spend $500 million on reconstructing the University mall in Orem. That’s not the only mall the state plans to reconstruct. Utah also plans to spend $20 million reconstructing South Towne Center. To build a new shelter should only cost $5 to $6 million according to the Deseret News.

The Road Home in downtown SLC has thousands of homeless people gathering outside each day. There are only 31 private rooms and the rest consists of dorms that can hold up to 12,000. Currently they are helping 110 families total.

“I do not know the last time The Road Home was remodeled,” said an employee of The Road Home. “It would be nice have more room to help more people get off the streets.”

Even though the reconstruction of the malls will provide more jobs for the community, reconstructing a homeless shelter will cost less and it will help the homeless get on their feet to get jobs.

There are ways for students to give back to the Road Home and it is easy. Smith’s Marketplace has created a community giving program that donates money to the Road Home when you purchase your groceries or gas from them! All you do is register and select The Road Home as the charity you would like to donate to.  Amazonsmile is another great way to give while you shop. All you do is sign up.

“It’s logical to think they should use the money in a smarter way like for the homeless shelter. To think about it they would be cleaning up the streets as well. Some people don’t have a choice that they are homeless and you got to remember that,” said Polet Leos a student here at Taylorsville High. People come in different shapes and sizes, many are automatically judged upon their image. You do not know what someone has been through and it is unfair to look down on someone. Everyone needs a little help at times, will you be that helping hand? “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up,” said John Holmes.