Making a Murderer thrills mystery audiences

Making a Murderer thrills mystery audiences

Kylee Warren, Reporter

Making a Murderer premiered on Netflix December 18, 2015. I 10/10 would recommend for everyone to watch this documentary series. Making a Murderer is a true crime story based on the Steven Avery case starting in 1985 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and still going today. This show has been being filmed for over the past 10 years. Steven Avery is the main focus of this documentary. When Steven Avery was 23, in the year 1985, he was charged with running his cousin off of the road and pointing a unloaded gun at her. This cousin, who was ran off the road by Avery, was married to the Manitowoc County sheriff’s deputy. Avery was sent to prison for 6 years for assaulting his cousin and illegally having a firearm. Later that year, Avery was convicted of raping a woman, Penny Beerntsen. He served 18 years in prison for this crime that we came to find out, he didn’t even commit.

Two years after getting out of prison, Avery is arrested for the murder of, 25 year old photographer, Teresa Halbach. Someone from Teresa’s search party, Pamela Stern and her daughter [name unknown], finds her missing car on Avery’s property, with tree branches and parts of old cars hiding the vehicle. Avery and his family owned a 40 acer car salvage which this person had found Teresa’s car within 15 to 20 minutes of looking. There are about 4,000 cars on the property. Police later searched Avery’s home and land right after the car was found. The police didn’t find any evidence that would show that Avery killed Halbach. Months later, they suspiciously find burnt human remains, the car keys to Halbachs’s car, and Avery’s blood in Halbach’s car. Although these pieces of evidence seem really convincing, Avery claims he was framed, and this wasn’t his first time.

The documentary continues to explain how the prosecutors evidence didn’t always match up with other witnesses statements. During the entire season this show makes the viewers feel torn on whether Steven Avery was guilty of killing Teresa Halbach, or innocent.

While he was serving the first 18 years for the rape of Beertsen, he wouldn’t admit to actually doing the crime he was there for. Avery states in the Making a Murderer documentary, “I’m innocent, I’m not gonna admit to somethin’ I didn’t do.” Avery is too familiar with the failures of the justice system. Avery truly believes that the Manitowoc police department has framed him regarding the murder of Halbach.

Lacey Warren states, “I believe that Steven Avery is innocent. He received an unfair trial. I think that evidence was planted by the Manitowoc county. But on the other hand, It’s hard to not have a faith in our justice system.” It is hard to believe that we could be falsely accused of things we didn’t do and serve time in prison as an innocent person. Its nice to think that we are safe of that happening, but it’s a possibility. It happened to Steven Avery, confirmed once and may or may not be confirmed in the future.

“I believe that the case was handled in a poor and biased manner and I believe that it should go to the appeals court outside of that county to be retried.”,states Adrian Ericson. It would have been less biased if the Manitowoc police department wouldn’t have been involved in Avery’s case. The jury could of had their minds set on Avery being guilty before hearing both the prosecutor’s and defendant’s sides because of the publicity and that they were from Manitowoc county.

So the real question is, is Steven Avery guilty or innocent?