How Leadership Roles Positively Influence Students

Rayven Cann, Sports Editor

Jobs, clubs, home, no matter where you are, being in charge would be better than having no say. It’s those in charge that choose what to do, and only they have authority. Leaders are what hold the aspects of society together.

Being a leader allows for many opportunities and influences on who you are. “It has allowed me to grow, instead of messing around I have to be the serious one at work to ensure everyone is safe and making sure that I’m keeping the company in a good image,” said Vanessa Robles,  Food Court Department Leader at Jordan Commons Megaplex. Leaders can’t always think of themselves, because of how much responsibility they have.

Responsibility, something that leaders must have in order to succeed in their position. Javier Ruiz, service director for Latinos in Action, said “One benefit I have is being trusted, by being a leader for the class I am able to be trusted by other students.” When being a leader, especially in school it is important that they find connections with students and that in return the students trust them. If trust is lacking, processes will not run as smoothly, and the group will struggle as a whole.

“The hardest part was trying to please everyone. Moving from a team member to a Department lead I had to distinguish many friendship with the other team members. The managers always told me that I had to make the effort to show the others I was above them and not one of them anymore. So because of it I lost a lot of friends,” said Robles. When being a leader, you will always want to please everyone, but that is never a likely outcome.

Although people may not always be pleased with your work, that shouldn’t intimidate you from going for a position. Ruiz said, “I would definitely encourage students to run for leadership.Everyone has a chance you just have to believe you can and be brave enough to go after that chance.”

If there is something that you feel passionate about, look into it. Becoming a leader at school will benefit you when looking into your future.