How Taylorsville Alumni Feel About the Sport They Used to be Apart


What do the students who used to be apart of our school team feel about our current team?

Kanna Glazier, Reporter

Taylorsville High school takes a lot of pride into their sports. A lot of players and team members work hard to live up to the expectations of past teammates. Suzanne Buttnob was on the Drill Team from 2016 to 2019. She shared that she participated in drills for the High School Experience and to continue dancing. Drill has shaped her into who she is today. Although Buttenob says she doesn’t keep up with the current team very much, she hears they seem to be doing okay and she is excited for competition season to see how they place and to see what character they are this year. 

Drill is a sport where students look forward to hearing how they placed at competitions on the announcements. Drill also loves putting trophies in the trophy case to show what they got at competitions and at camp. No matter what they place presenting the trophy shows the work that they put in.

Football is a very well-known sport that is supported in many ways: from dressing up to rooting on the team from the student section. Drill ties into Football and plays a big part in their games with performing at the halftimes. 

Junior Caleb Wheeler who played football in his sophomore year said he thought football was very fun and eventful and that the team seems to be close this year and that they get along very well. 

Football is one of the biggest sports for Taylorsville High School.  At almost every game there’s something fun to do before the game and a big celebration after winning games. 

Basketball is another popular sport for Tville that does well. Watching the Drill team perform competition dances at half time and seeing the cheerleaders cheer the team on from the side and just a few of the fun things students can experience at the games. 

Dom Hafford who was on the team between 2013 and 2017 says he loved playing basketball and being a part of Taylorsville. 

With the current Basketball season not starting yet, we don’t know much about the upcoming team and their outlook but Hafford thinks they did well last year and that he is excited for this upcoming season for them. Basketball starting right after Football makes the beginning of the school year very eventful and fun. 

Taylorsville loves having new people on their teams and accept all people. The school’s sports teams and coaches want everyone to feel loved and welcomed. No matter win or lose, the school is always proud of their sports. They also want there always to be love in sports. The athletics department website also provides more information about each team and how to sign up and register for them as well as other requirements. 

Taylorsville High School Students love their sports and look forward to seeing how the future teams perform 

Taylorsville SBOs also love to make sure that the sports mix and play together by having cheer at games and Drill perform. Another way they like to mix sports is by having them mix together. Example: drill, cheer, and dance co perform HOCO halftime together. Taylorsville Alumni love their past teams and are excited for the future of the teams. “Being able to participate and feel connected to the school was one of my favorite memories,” said Hafford.