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Comparisons between circumcision and genital mutilation

This painting depicts circumcision in the 16th century

Aspen Earnhart, Feature Editor

November 20, 2017

It’s 2017, and people have finally started talking about circumcision--the world’s oldest and possibly one of the most controversial surgical procedure--estimated to be over 15,000 years old. Circumcision is an elective procedure in which the foreskin of a male penis is surgically removed. It’s mo...

WEIO diversifies competitive sports

An athlete participates in the knuckle hop competition during the World Eskimo Indian Olympics in Fairbanks, Alaska

Nizhoni Guthrie, Reporter

May 23, 2017

The World Eskimo Indian Olympics is an event to determine who has the most strength, speed, endurance, balance and pain tolerance. The first World Eskimo Indian Olympics (WEIO for short) was held in 1961 in Fairfield Alaska. Every year, this grand event runs for four days July in the Carlson Center.

Taylorsville gears up for Clash of Class during Spirit Week

Taylorsville SBOs are ready to promote Spirit Week 2017.

Anthony Do, Guest Writer

February 2, 2017

Have you been participating in any events this year? If not, here is your chance! The 2017 Spirit Week is coming up in February and this year will be a “Beach Party!” We will be having a Clash of Class and may the best class win.  This means participating and helping out in events hosted by th...

Student Spotlight: Jared De Leon

Ana Zamora, Reporter

December 15, 2016

Jared De Leon is Senior Class President and Latinos In Action Vice President. He is not only intelligent, but he is also very involved in the school. De Leon has an uplifting personality that allows him to become an easily likeable person. “My favorite thing about me is the positive outlook that I b...

Rate of teen suicides in Utah triples

A student sits by himself at school; isolation and feelings of hopelessness are among the main issues suicide prevention resources are trying to address.

Cheyenne Inman, Reporter

December 13, 2016

Recently in Utah the number one cause of death for youth age 10-17 has change from car accidents to suicide. In fact according to The Salt Lake Tribune the suicide rate for teens has almost tripled since 2007. The Salt Lake Tribune’s article writes that Utah health officials are at a loss when trying to...

Have I heard this before? Deja-Vu explained

Elaine Hernandez, Reporter

December 13, 2016

You're walking down the street, you glance at a stranger and suddenly have this feeling of ‘I've seen this before.’ This is called Deja Vu. The word deja vu means “already seen” in French. This is the feeling of seeing or experiencing something before. Students feel that that they are stuck i...

Retaking the ACT improves test scores

Senior Angelica Macias is flipping through the ACT study guide.

Cici Longi, Reporter

December 13, 2016

The ACT is the rigorous undertaking required during a student's junior year of high school. The average composite score on the ACT in 2015 was 20.2 in Utah. A score that is considered good is 24 according to PrepScholar. Students striving to improve their first ACT score can apply to retake it. According...

Taylorsville Theater is in the Show Business

The actors in Taylorsville High's

Ari Jones, Reporter

December 13, 2016

The cast waits silently behind the cascading curtains as the audience quiets down. The lights dim and the pit orchestra is at attention. From the silence, the song, Another Op’nin Another Show, begins slowly. The stage lights rise to kick off Taylorsville High’s musical, Kiss Me, Kate. Karl Gardner...

Building Awareness for Sewing

Building Awareness for Sewing

Samuel Apple and Makayla Garfield

December 7, 2016

Sewing has been around since the Ice Age, formerly one of the most important jobs in the village. If we fast-forward to today, hand sewing is being replaced by machines and conveyor belts. The appreciation for skilled tailors is increasingly diminishing. The time involved making a piece of clothing...

Behind the scenes of Taylorsville theater

The students in Taylorsville's theater department work hard to make the set for this year's musical, Kiss Me, Kate.

Brielle Miller, Reporter

December 7, 2016

3...2...1...Action! With the musical coming to an end, many people only focus on what is happening on stage, but no one ever really thinks about who’s behind the scenes and does the majority of the building for the musical or any of the performances at Taylorsville High School. The people who help...

Self Deprecation alters perception of self worth

This one student from Taylorsville High School looking out at the teacher parking lot, thinking about her existential crisis.

Hannah Anderson, Reporter

December 7, 2016

In today’s world, low self-esteem and self-deprecating attitudes are at a high with 44% of highschool girls feeling immense pressure to lose weight and 15% of highschool guys feeling likewise according to But, why are these negative feelings of oneself so omnipresent now? And what...

Veterans Day inspires gratitude in the community

These medals and awards have been earned by this Veteran. It's incredible that one person can give their country so much.

Arianna Jones, Reporter

December 7, 2016

The “Holiday Season” seems to go from Halloween to Thanksgiving and on to Christmas. But there is one holiday in November that is still a part of the mix. Veteran’s Day is held on November 11th which is the anniversary of the end of World War I. The holiday honors United States veterans and those...

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