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The scars we face from life

Sierra Ostergard, Reporter October 4, 2018
Scars are a part of everyone's lives.  Everybody has a scar from some point in their lives. What causes these scars and what effects do they have on our bodies? Scars come from everywhere, everyone has at least one from birth, your belly button is actually your first scar.

What defines a bad word?

Lia Lynn, Reporter October 4, 2018
This is what our world has come to. Using male genitalia to insult our friends and classmates. Using degrading words in the halls to flag down other students. I don’t particularly care when others swear around me, but this is beginning to make me rethink what I say. We hear F-bomb after F-bomb. We hear “Man that’s gay.” and the N-word dropped in every situation. Isn’t this school is supposed to be a safe place, but now it’s just a building with halls full knives that are disguised as words.

Author JK Rowling is actually the worst and here is why

Audrey Helm , News Editor October 2, 2018

I love J.K. Rowling. Truly, I do. I love the wizarding world of Harry Potter and many of the characters in it. I understand that there is an enormous demand on her to constantly create new material. But...

It's okay if you don't know what to study

It’s okay if you don’t know what to study

Jen Cordeiro, Reporter October 2, 2018

Going into college is already very stressful finding out what students  want to study is even more of a challenge. Picking a major it can be very hard due to the fact students interests will change multiple...

World languages continue to be underappreciated

World languages continue to be underappreciated

Kaitlynne Hill, Reporter October 2, 2018

Imagine sitting in Math, but it’s Math 1, 2 and 3.  Depending on the where you are, you’re either overwhelmed or bored. This is a reality for Chinese language students at the school. This year...

The Sadie Hawkins case: should girls ask guys out?

The Sadie Hawkins case: should girls ask guys out?

Lellandra Toilolo October 2, 2018

Spending time with friends, fun group activities, meeting new people, pictures, slow dancing with a crush, and life long memories are some of the plus sides when going to school dances. However, the weeks...

OPINION Body Shaming

Body Shaming Isn't Cool
Piper Cawley, Opinion Editor October 2, 2018

It’s all over social media and in your day to day life. You see a comment below an Instagram photo and think, what is that person’s problem? You either scroll past it or fight with them in the comments....

How to not be absolutely miserable when you're sick

How to not be absolutely miserable when you’re sick

Callé Hansen , A and E October 2, 2018

High school is a petri dish of sicknesses, and everywhere you go you are attacked by germ after germ no matter how much scented hand sanitizer you use. No matter how hard the custodians work, germs will...

Missing: my passions--have you seen them?

Missing: my passions–have you seen them?

Passions fading into the void of high school
Payton Wright, Editor-in-Chief May 15, 2018
Cliches are cliches for a reason, and with the monstrous ever present ending of  senior year looming over me, (as if I had ever stopped thinking about it in the past twelve years of educational prison), I can’t help but allow it to consume me and devour my sense of being and my sense of passion.
Eating during class a necessity

Eating during class a necessity

Calle Hansen, A & E Editor May 15, 2018

If there is one thing that we all love to do, it is eating. No matter what you love to do, you can add eating to it. Eating is a necessity to live, and to be happy. Food is important to your ability to...

Modesty truly is the hottest wear

Modesty truly is the hottest wear

Piper Cawley and Lili Rivas May 15, 2018
Finding the perfect dress for a school dance is a critical decision to make for a girl in high school. There is much debate on whether it is better to show more or less when it comes to high school dances.
Your name has an impact on your life

Your name has an impact on your life

May 15, 2018
People spend an overwhelming amount of time stressing over what to name their child. First names, middle names, possibly even last names are all analyzed and thoroughly thought over. The perfect name needs to be chosen. It’s our names that determine our future, right?
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