Nightmare on 13th

Katrina Osborn, Reporter

Every year, Nightmare on 13th has commercials about how they are the #1 haunted house of the year and have been for the last 25 years.  Their online review charts show that 30 of 48 people thought that the haunted house is excellent, and only 5 of 48 people thought it was terrible.

“For the last 25 years, Nightmare on 13th has consistently been rated Utah’s best and one of the nation’s top haunted houses. This year to celebrate 25 years of fear, we are bringing you the best nightmare yet. Nightmare on 13th is resurrecting and perfecting the best from the past, while creating never before seen horrors to terrify your soul. Don’t miss the best of 25 years,” boasts their website.

Some workers and customers, that had just gotten out of the house, were more than happy to give their reviews of the haunted house. They also mentioned whether or not Nightmare was worth the time and money to go, and if they thought the statement that the Nightmare website had made was true.

“Great place to go with friends, especially at Halloween! But not in a very large group. The scares are well punctuated and make reference to the best horror movies, love it!,” said Elizabete Zar, who gave it a rating of 4 out of 5.  She seems to love Nightmare on 13th and so do a lot of people. All public reviews seem to agree. “This scare house was fantastic.  I am easily scared, but my whole group was terrified. The amount of money they put into this location

shows. They were very dedicated to the project and the staff that works there are so into their characters,” said Margaret Poulsen.  

It’s difficult to find a bad review on this place, but Brad W said, “Dumb, stupid and a waste of time and money! It was a joke, nothing scary about this. Please go somewhere else! Run away, run far away this is the worst I have ever seen!”  He is obviously not a fan of the haunted house, but he is one of the few who thinks so.  

Nightmare on 13th is an excellent haunted house. The service is great, and the workers are really into their characters. This year they have decided not to tell people what their attractions will be, but they did give a clue by saying that they will be bringing back some of their past attractions. If anyone is interested in going to NIghtmare on 13th ticket prices are:

regular tickets-$25, VIP pass-$40, if tickets are bought online it’s $25 for a VIP pass,

group rate with a minimum of 20 tickets purchased is $15. For more information go to