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Art through the ages

Art through the ages

Taylor S. Fischbeck, Editor May 13, 2021

Above are 14 images from different eras throughout the history of art. All these pieces confirm is that art is constantly changing and can amaze people in more ways than one.   Collages...

Collage of Always and Forever created via Canva that depicts the tale of Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean Covey.

The ending we deserved: Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Taylor S. Fischbeck, Editor March 4, 2021

On February 12, 2021, Netflix graced the world with the notorious Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean once more. Always and Forever was the last installation of the Netflix To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before...

School Musical: The Addams Family

School Musical: The Addams Family

Paige Smith, Editor February 22, 2021

Taylorsville High School’s musical opens Friday, February 19th. The Addams Family Musical is a show full of jokes, dances, and an hour of entertainment. The show features the cooky Addams family as they...

Collection of some of Simon B. Thomas' works decorated with a picture of a city and flowers.

Author Spotlight: Simon B. Thomas

Taylor S. Fischbeck, Editor February 9, 2021

Simon B. Thomas is an established poet stationed in New York City. He mainly shares his works on Instagram but can be seen across many other social media platforms as well. As a way to draw in followers,...

A Cookie Cutter Feed

A Cookie Cutter Feed

Paige Smith, Editor February 9, 2021

Only a month or so in, 2021 has already been a year of change. With a new president already sworn in, the country prepares for dramatic changes. One including a turn across social media platforms. While...

Good and Bad Representation of LGBTQ+ in the Media

Good and Bad Representation of LGBTQ+ in the Media

Tiani Olguin , Reporter October 15, 2020

  [There are spoilers: for The Umbrella Academy, Riverdale, and Yuri on Ice]    Is all representation good? There are many shows and series that have both good and bad representations of...

Author Spotlight: Lindsey Duga

Taylor S. Fischbeck, Editor September 10, 2020

The art of storytelling has been around for ages but there are some authors who stand out amongst Young Adult (YA) and Middle Grade (MG) audiences and Lindsey Duga is one of many. Duga has written and...

A collage of the ten books listed below to help people get through quarantine.

10 books to read during quarantine

Taylor S. Fischbeck, Editor April 29, 2020

During this trying time, teenagers need a distraction to keep them from going insane while they’re all trapped inside the house. One of the best ways to do that is to read! Here are ten books that were...

Inside the mind of a fan

Inside the mind of a fan

The Psychology of Fandoms
ShelaMay Rico, Reporter February 18, 2020

For many, a fandom is something that is supportive or motivating. It can have a big impact on a person. Whether it be movies, books, video games, sports teams, brands, celebrities, and musicians, fandoms...

Sisters, Princess Ana and Queen Elsa, facing back to back in order to show their relationship with Frozen 2 on the side.

Frozen 2 brings joy to adults and children alike

Taylor S. Fischbeck, Editor December 2, 2019

Disney has brought joy into the world ever since it released its first movie in 1937 and it has yet to disappoint. One of Disney’s newest movies is the sequel to the 2013 Frozen, starring our beloved...

Podcasts highlight true crime

Podcasts highlight true crime

The best podcasts for audiophiles who like a thrill
Lindsay Cook, Arts and Entertainment Editor April 24, 2019
As podcasts increase in popularity, so does the search for America’s favorite obsession: true crime stories. This article includes some of the most popular crime podcasts of the last few years. All the following podcasts are available wherever you prefer to listen, including Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify.

Sony plans block for cross-platform gaming

April 24, 2019
Cross-platform is a special connection that connects numerous consoles together for gamers to interact with each other. Players from all over the world can connect without an issue. From Nintendo, Xbox, and PC, the gaming community has never been more connected on a global scale. Such an innovation not only breaks down walls in the gaming community but also build a whole new one up.
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