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Digital Footprints and How They Affect You

Digital Footprints and How They Affect You

Brinly Johnson, Editor November 10, 2022

Over the past decade, innovations in technology have increased tenfold. Within these profitable progressions has come a dilemma no one was expecting: digital footprints. Digital footprints are a map of...

Why the whole world talked about the Queens death

Why the whole world talked about the Queen’s death

Emma Stowe, Editor October 19, 2022

We all know about the Queen of England and the royal family but why are we invested so much in their lives when we are 4,417 miles away?  Maybe we think that this will affect international relationships...

Whats new this year at Taylorsville?

What’s new this year at Taylorsville?

Brinly Johnson, Editor September 13, 2022

Summer has ended and a new school year has started for the Taylorsville community. With the fanatic last school year, the Taylorsville administration has decided to implement new ideas to allow a smoother...

Spring Break: Utah Edition

Spring Break: Utah Edition

Brinly Johnson, Editor March 16, 2022

After all finals are turned in and the third quarter ends, students enjoy one week off to relish in the cloudless weather. Many flock to the sandy beaches of Miami, Florida or choose to spend the week...

Novembers #showyoucare challenge

November’s #showyoucare challenge

Morgan Thompson, Editor December 8, 2021

The issues this school year just seem to be coming one after another. On top of 600 more students, Covid-19, adding an extra relocatable to our school, traffic, and parking trouble, Taylorsville High School...

Students Behavior in 2021

Students’ Behavior in 2021

Samantha Bell , Editor December 1, 2021

From fights, to sluffing, to truancy tickets, to stealing, etc. students’ behavior this year is extremely different than years in the past. Many students have bore witness to the multiple fights a day...

Students unable to dry their hands because of stolen paper towels.

Devious Licks

Morgan Thompson, Editor November 1, 2021

The new “Devious Licks” TikTok trend has been spreading to schools throughout the country since September. In this new “trend,” students are vandalizing or stealing school property, often recording...

A guide to concurrent enrollment

A guide to concurrent enrollment

Samantha Bell , Editor October 18, 2021

Salt Lake Community College’s (SLCC) concurrent enrollment program aims to “deliver a college experience that prepares high school students with the skills and courses they need to navigate the challenges...

The crowded commons before school.

600 More Students, 600 More Problems

Morgan Thompson, Editor September 27, 2021

From moving the freshmen up to the high school, to still being in the midst of a pandemic, new problems seem to be coming up by the day this school year. Students are complaining about the crowded hallways,...

The different faces of students at Taylorsville High


Brinly Johnson, Editor September 8, 2021

Anything and everything about you has been passed down. The color of your eyes, the shape of your nose, even the shade of your hair. Along with all the wonderful things that get passed down to you, trauma...

Planned Parenthood

Hina K. Namauu, Editor March 8, 2021

Planned Parenthood is a trusted health care provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world. Planned Parenthood delivers vital...

School Musical: The Addams Family

School Musical: The Addams Family

Paige Smith, Editor February 22, 2021

Taylorsville High School’s musical opens Friday, February 19th. The Addams Family Musical is a show full of jokes, dances, and an hour of entertainment. The show features the cooky Addams family as they...

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