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H&M at Fashion Place Mall

Avoiding fast fashion

Morgan Thompson, Editor May 5, 2023

Throughout the decades, fashion has been known to have dramatic changes. From poodle skirts of the fifties to loud patterns of the sixties to bellbottoms of the seventies, it can be hard to keep up with...

CoreCore: The Anti-Social Media Trend

CoreCore: The Anti-Social Media Trend

Brinly Johnson, Editor April 25, 2023

It’s midnight. You can’t fall asleep. You might as well play on your phone instead of staring at the ceiling if you are going to be awake. While you are partaking in the typical doom-scroll you find...

The greenhouse at the Granite Technical Institute

Helping your mental health grow

Morgan Thompson, Editor April 6, 2023

The popularity of homegardens, succulents, and other plants have been on the rise, especially since the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Many people believe that the rise in popularity is because being a...

Light Therapy: How it works & Helps

Light Therapy: How it works & Helps

Brinly Johnson, Editor April 6, 2023

Light therapy or phototherapy, is a fairly new fad of treating certain illnesses through exposing yourself to an artificial light source for a certain amount of time a day. Light therapy is a treatment...

Meet Taylorsville’s Future Business Leaders of America

Meet Taylorsville’s Future Business Leaders of America

Shaza Abdelrasoul, Reporter February 15, 2023

The four years of high school are the best time to start exploring potential careers and developing skills that will benefit you in the future, no matter which one you choose. Taylorsville High’s Future...

Transgender Flags at a Rally for Transgender Youth

How These New Senate Bills Will Effect Transgender Youth

February 13, 2023

Utah legislators are cracking down on laws regarding medical treatments, name changes within schools, and legal name changes on birth certificates, which will all directly affect transgender minors. Recently,...

Digital Footprints and How They Affect You

Digital Footprints and How They Affect You

Brinly Johnson, Editor November 10, 2022

Over the past decade, innovations in technology have increased tenfold. Within these profitable progressions has come a dilemma no one was expecting: digital footprints. Digital footprints are a map of...

Why the whole world talked about the Queens death

Why the whole world talked about the Queen’s death

Emma Stowe, Editor October 19, 2022

We all know about the Queen of England and the royal family but why are we invested so much in their lives when we are 4,417 miles away?  Maybe we think that this will affect international relationships...

Whats new this year at Taylorsville?

What’s new this year at Taylorsville?

Brinly Johnson, Editor September 13, 2022

Summer has ended and a new school year has started for the Taylorsville community. With the fanatic last school year, the Taylorsville administration has decided to implement new ideas to allow a smoother...

Spring Break: Utah Edition

Spring Break: Utah Edition

Brinly Johnson, Editor March 16, 2022

After all finals are turned in and the third quarter ends, students enjoy one week off to relish in the cloudless weather. Many flock to the sandy beaches of Miami, Florida or choose to spend the week...

Novembers #showyoucare challenge

November’s #showyoucare challenge

Morgan Thompson, Editor December 8, 2021

The issues this school year just seem to be coming one after another. On top of 600 more students, Covid-19, adding an extra relocatable to our school, traffic, and parking trouble, Taylorsville High School...

Students Behavior in 2021

Students’ Behavior in 2021

Samantha Bell, Editor December 1, 2021

From fights, to sluffing, to truancy tickets, to stealing, etc. students’ behavior this year is extremely different than years in the past. Many students have bore witness to the multiple fights a day...

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