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Artwork of a hand reaching for a book behind yellow police-style tape that says Banned.

Banned Book Week promotes freedom of literature

Hannah Horten, Reporter October 19, 2022

September 18-24 is the annual Banned Books Week event. The week works to promote freedom of reading and remove censorship of books in schools and public libraries. The event is celebrated nationwide and...

A sneak peak inside the warrior wellness center

Introducing Taylorsville’s wellness center

Morgan Thompson, Editor October 18, 2022

Many students will remember our Warrior Wellness Center from the last school year in Relocatable 9. In the wellness center snacks were provided to students, as well as one of our school social workers...

From left to right students in the photo are: Tammy Phung,  Valeria Mirdiana, Kristina Ngyuen, Lilyana Hood, Andrew Mize, Shaelyn Openshaw, Samuel Johnson, Aspen Batie, and Marisol Rocha.

Meet the 2023 Student Body Officers

Samantha Bell, Editor October 4, 2022

As a new year starts, new students walk through the doors, and are greeted by the current 2022/2023 Taylorsville High School Student Body Officers (or SBOs) with a welcoming smile and open ears. At the...

Lily Hood, Tammy Phung, Ratanak Ung, and Shaelyn Openshaw in some of their favorite outfits.

Trending styles this school year

Morgan Thompson, Editor September 20, 2022

In 2022, so many styles are rising in popularity, especially in our high school. Anything from grunge to softer styles can be seen in the hallways. But why do certain people gravitate towards these certain...

Top row from left to right: Sam Stromberg, Reed Miles, Caleb Booth, Jacob Lee; Bottom row from left to right: Tucker Crapo, Nathan Bingham, Brandon Sorensen, Jonathan Sampson

Meeting our Bass and Baritone Madrigals

Morgan Thompson, Editor April 27, 2022

As the school year comes to an end, everyone is preparing to say goodbye to the 2021-2022 Madrigals. They have all enjoyed this once in a lifetime experience and have soaked up every moment it has lasted....

4 banners in the Chinese Language class that read plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum (left to right)

Chinese Dual Immersion Reflection

Belle R. LeDuc, Editor April 15, 2022

The French philosopher Charlemagne once said, “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” Learning a language opens your mind to a new world, but it is easier said than done. Theories discuss...

Top row from left to right: Brendan Christensen, Wesley Hardy, Henrie Holder; Bottom row from left to right: Nathanael Jones, Charles Degraffenreid, Brigham Dalton

Getting to know our Tenor Madrigals

Morgan Thompson, Editor April 11, 2022

Being a Madrigal has benefited every one of them for the better. Both in their talents and their high school experience. “People assume I can play the piano or name random notes they sing, dude I can’t...

Top row from left to right: Caroline Wilkinson, Tori Tye, Abbie Andersen, Camila Cordova; Bottom row from left to right: Alyssa Skinner, SheylaMay Rico, Tofi Nonu, Sarah Sanchez

Taylorsville’s Alto Madrigals

Morgan Thompson, Editor March 14, 2022

Our Madrigals are continuing to power through endless performances and busy schedules, all while growing closer to one another in the process. “Going into Mads, I feel a weight coming off my shoulders,”...

Top row from left to right: Naomi Shieving, Avery Hasler, Kalie Manning, Breanne Bessette; Bottom row from left to right: Gabriela Lara, Emma Brown, Sariah Angeles, Ashely Hymas

Introducing our Madrigal Sopranos

Morgan Thompson, Editor March 7, 2022

Our Madrigals have worked so hard this year trying to battle struggles coming from the Covid-19 pandemic, recovering from the chaos of last year’s delayed performances, and juggling everything else in...

“Women are better than men, prove me wrong”

“Women are better than men, prove me wrong”

Amy Watkins, Reporter February 4, 2022

Feminism is something often looked down on by people because of the toxic feminists circulating social media. Feminism was once interpreted as getting equal rights for women. Now, feminism is often interpreted...

Student holding sign stating, If you dont act like adults we will.

Granite Clean Energy

Samantha Bell, Editor December 8, 2021

A committee of students throughout Granite School District have been pushing for ‘Clean Energy.’ Clean energy is, “solar, wind, or existing hydro electrical”. In the context of a school district...

Romantic Love Languages

Romantic Love Languages

S.B. Johnson, EDITOR December 6, 2021

Everyone has a love language. A love language is a way you show your affection. Whether it's giving or receiving gifts, touch, words of affection, acts of service, or quality time it’s important to be...

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