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Not having a parent

Not having a parent

Annella Ebisos, Editor November 9, 2023

The destruction of not having a parent.  Annella Ebisos My name is Annella Ebisos and I will be discussing the effects of abandonment on a child and why it affects children, a lot of parents tend...

The article title is presented front a center in a purple cloud, with stormy clouds on the left and sunshine on the right.

Managing the stress of a new school year

Ellie Petrick, Editor October 10, 2023

There are hundreds of fellow students walking through those halls, it’s loud, and no one seems to be able to find their way to class. Once in class, teachers introduce themselves and their work for the...

Where do we go now?

Where do we go now?

Brinly Johnson, Editor May 9, 2023

High school graduation is the day we were prepped for since the moment we stepped foot into our kindergarten classroom. Every lesson, every day, and every moment we spend in school is in preparation for...

Student Owned Businesses: Madison Avenue Candles

Student Owned Businesses: Madison Avenue Candles

Morgan Thompson, Editor February 21, 2023

Madison Avenue Candles is a home-run business by senior Madison Stensrud. As the name suggests, Madison sells candles that come in multiple scents and sizes. “They are homemade and we do them in regular...

Student Owned Businesses: Samanthas Cookies

Student Owned Businesses: Samantha’s Cookies

Morgan Thompson, Editor February 14, 2023

Imagine a cold, winter night, bundled up in a warm blanket. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sweet treat to enjoy? “It gives that feel of home and warmth. It’s a little bit of a more Christmas seasonal...

How “BeReal” Has Changed the Social Media Game

How “BeReal” Has Changed the Social Media Game

Samantha Bell, Editor January 4, 2023

“BeReal” is a French-based social media app that, as the name implies, encourages people to be real and show their day-today life in a more raw way. “BeReal” was first released in twenty-twenty...

Top row from left to right: Medley Booth, Carter Chatelain, Gideon Lemon, Xander Stensrud; middle row from left to right: Samantha Seaman, Gracie Hirschi, Madison Stensrud, Brigham Booth, Austyn Tarrant, Preston Cox; bottom row from left to right: Grace Dalton, Paige Sutherland, Abbie Walker

Anastasia: looking behind the scenes

Morgan Thompson, Editor December 20, 2022

Just over a month ago, Taylorsville High School’s theater department put on one of our biggest musicals yet: Anastasia. The musical was magical to anyone who went and saw it, but there is much more to...

Getting to know K-Pop Club Open Space

Getting to know K-Pop Club Open Space

Summer Dale Parico and Sidney Mari Parico December 15, 2022

Last year, Taylorsville High had various clubs such as Juggling Club, Art Club, LIA, Robotics club, and more. One club came out as Krush Krew, renaming the club to Open Space this year. They're known...

Artwork of a hand reaching for a book behind yellow police-style tape that says Banned.

Banned Book Week promotes freedom of literature

Hannah Horten, Reporter October 19, 2022

September 18-24 is the annual Banned Books Week event. The week works to promote freedom of reading and remove censorship of books in schools and public libraries. The event is celebrated nationwide and...

A sneak peak inside the warrior wellness center

Introducing Taylorsville’s wellness center

Morgan Thompson, Editor October 18, 2022

Many students will remember our Warrior Wellness Center from the last school year in Relocatable 9. In the wellness center snacks were provided to students, as well as one of our school social workers...

From left to right students in the photo are: Tammy Phung,  Valeria Mirdiana, Kristina Ngyuen, Lilyana Hood, Andrew Mize, Shaelyn Openshaw, Samuel Johnson, Aspen Batie, and Marisol Rocha.

Meet the 2023 Student Body Officers

Samantha Bell, Editor October 4, 2022

As a new year starts, new students walk through the doors, and are greeted by the current 2022/2023 Taylorsville High School Student Body Officers (or SBOs) with a welcoming smile and open ears. At the...

Lily Hood, Tammy Phung, Ratanak Ung, and Shaelyn Openshaw in some of their favorite outfits.

Trending styles this school year

Morgan Thompson, Editor September 20, 2022

In 2022, so many styles are rising in popularity, especially in our high school. Anything from grunge to softer styles can be seen in the hallways. But why do certain people gravitate towards these certain...

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