The Warrior Ledger

2017-2018 Staff

Dallen Cameron

Sports Editor

Dallen Cameron is the Sports Editor. He has served on the journalism staff for 2 years. He also sings in Taylorsville Concert Choir. He is also a member of Taylorsville AVID and Hope Squad. He is known as “the token gay of journalis...

Bryan Banuelos

Spanish Editor

Bryan Banuelos is a senior that moved from Mexico because his old school sucked. Everybody says he has a funny accent but in his head it doesn’t sound like that. He joined the Warrior Ledger Staff because his friend Carlos Guti...

Alexa Blaise Chandler

Photo & Art Editor

Alexa Blaise Chandler is the Photo and Art Editor for the 2017/18 staff of the Warrior Ledger. She actually doesn’t know anything about art and thinks that she may have been confused with another person. Alexa lives for music and ar...

Piper Cawley

Opinion Editor

Piper Cawley is the Opinion Editor in the school newspaper. She enjoys sunsets, long walks to the fridge, and stupid tv show quotes. She is usually surfing through Pinterest or reading a new fanfiction on Wattpad. She is a horror mov...

Audrey Helm

News Editor

Audrey Helm is this year’s co-news editor. She shares the responsibilities with Bubblegum Gingersnap, more commonly referred to by her pseudonym, Isabella Ashton. Audrey is a Libra who enjoys long walks on the beach and cry...

Calle Hansen

A&E Editor

Calle Hansen is the A&E editor yet has little to no actual entertainment in her life. She find joy in things such as huge, obese amounts of free ice cream and cute baby animals. She is also the Hope Squad president. Her f...

Isabella Ashton

News Editor

Isabella Ashton is one of two news editors for the Warrior Ledger. She can frequently be found asking the other editor, Audrey Helm, where the right place to put a semicolon is. Isabella’s favorite book is A Tree Grows In Brookly...

Aspen Earnhart

Feature Editor

Aspen is the Feature Editor for the Warrior Ledger and has designed most of the centerspreads and feature pages appearing in the newspaper for the past two years. She is also a captain for the Taylorsville Debate team and has be...

Pearl Ashton


Pearl Ashton is the Editor-in-Chief part 2, and the love child of Aspen Spring Earnhart Editor and Payton Rhyan Wright. If you ever need to find her she’s probably in F-207 or cuddling with her cat. Goldfish is her favorite s...

Payton Wright


     Payton Wright found her love for journalism her sophomore year and since then has gone from being a reporter, to Assistant Editor, to Editor-in-Chief.  Though she lives in F-hall, you can also find her sleeping in B...

Stephanie Floch


Ms. Floch has been advising The Warrior Ledger for the past five years. Aside from Journalism, she also teaching English 12 and Creative Writing. When not waging epic wars against comma splices and misused apostrophes, Ms. Floc...

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