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Brinly Johnson, Editor November 12, 2021

Phubbing is a new social phenomenon that is taking over our generation. “Phubbing” is defined as technology taking away from active face-to-face interaction. Whether you know it or not, you have been...

Gray dramatic backgroun, with concerned purple girl in the middle. Red and Blue versions of the purple girl. Colorful population under the purple girl. The caption is placed under the image saying Where Do I Fit?

“Too White To Be Brown, Too Brown To Be White”

Rico Suave , Editor September 8, 2021
"Our culture reflects our society. Whether that means you were born into the country your ethnicity is from or you were born here in the US, I want to make one thing abundantly clear. You are not alone."
Schools and Body Image

Schools and Body Image

Samantha Bell, Reporter February 22, 2021

How are schools helping students find confidence in their body and teach them healthy eating habits? Are they at all? Promoting self love and confidence is important, so why aren’t schools teaching these...

Distance to in Person and Vice Versa

Distance to in Person and Vice Versa

Distance Learning Effects
Emitt Zorn, Reporter February 16, 2021

Starting distance learning can either sound amazing or terrifying. Some people struggle with distance learning because it’s hard to stay on track and to turn in their assignments. On the other hand,...

How to Adult

How to Adult

Paige Smith, Editor December 5, 2020

Attention seniors! You graduate this year! What happens after that? Barely legal teenagers are going to be expected to just jump into the life of an adult. There are so many different options and paths...

How come no one asked us?

How come no one asked us?

Paige Smith, Editor October 5, 2020

7:25 AM: August 24, 2020. Taylorsville High School started up the 2020-2021 school year. However, this school year brought new changes that no one expected. These new changes include:  Masks are...

Yin and Yang resembles the balance needed between emotion and logic.

Emotion is the key in most, if not all, decisions

Taylor S. Fischbeck, Editor October 1, 2020

Emotion or logic? That’s a question that has been asked multiple times, especially when it comes to decision making. Some people believe emotion should have more control over your decisions and some...

Artwork By: Kierstin Trowbridge

The allure of true crime

Taylor S. Fischbeck, Editor February 18, 2020

True crime television shows and stories have always been alluring to people. Streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have plenty of true crime shows, showing us that people like true crime enough that...

Artwork By: Lia Lynn

Valentine’s day expectations and regulations

Lia Lynn, Editor February 18, 2020

Dating can be hard for some people. Liking someone doesn’t always mean you have to date them or ask them out. Especially not just because it’s Valentine’s although the holiday makes the idea seem...

Artwork By: Jared Goertzen

Unorganized school activities

Kianna Glasier, Reporter December 4, 2019

Many kids dream of getting the “high school experience” that movies and TV shows present. Going to games, asking people to dances, and joining clubs are just a few ways you can be involved in your...

Artwork By: Camila Angon

The transition from charter to public

Tiani Olguin , Reporter November 25, 2019

From school sizes to individuality, there is a big gap when comparing public school versus charter schools. In school sizes, culture, and individuality. The transition from one to another can be hard for...

Artwork By: Belle LeDuc

What is anxiety and depression doing to society today?

Carli Porter, Reporter November 25, 2019

Have you ever wondered why so many people struggle with depression and anxiety? Whether this thought has crossed your mind or not, anxiety and depression have a huge impact on the people living in this...

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