How “BeReal” Has Changed the Social Media Game


Samantha Bell, Editor

“BeReal” is a French-based social media app that, as the name implies, encourages people to be real and show their day-today life in a more raw way. “BeReal” was first released in twenty-twenty but remained relatively unrecognized until about April, twenty-twenty-two. 

The app sends out a notification to all users once a day at varying times daily, and the app will take a picture using both your front and back camera. “Every day at a different time, everyone is notified simultaneously to capture and share a Photo in 2 Minutes. A new and unique way to discover who your friends really are in their daily life,” states “BeReal’s” website

While the app has some glitches and was a bit slow to post as the app first gained popularity, the app is continually being updated and being made better. While the app was quick to “blow up,” the app has maintained relative popularity, especially among teenagers and young adults. 

The entire idea of the app keeps people coming back, people are craving a more raw and unfiltered version of their friends, as other popular apps such as Instagram and TikTok are highly filtered and can be manipulated to only show what the person wants their viewer to see. That isn’t as common with “BeReal.” While “fake” or manipulated content can be posted on the app, it’s very common for people to show the more “real” aspects of their day-to-day life for people to see. 

“BeReal” used social media in a different way than apps in the past had, they almost encouraged the manipulation of their posts among users and it was widely accepted by most users. There has been a movement on Instagram to post everyday “mundane” things and take the pressure off of posting, and that movement has gained traction recently.

As “BeReal” introduced a new idea, other apps were soon introducing their own
“BeReal” features to their app. TikTok has introduced its “TikTok Now” feature which follows the same idea as “BeReal” and people who you follow on TikTok that use this feature will show up on a user’s “For You Page” while scrolling. 

As this app is popular among many teenagers, many students at Taylorsville High School use this app to show their friends what they are up to during the day. The timing of “BeReal” is left up to the app creator, so it is not guaranteed that it will go off during school, but the notification has gone off in classes before. 

As this app is popular among students at Taylorsville High, many students have captured fun moments to remember their high school experience. 

Taken by sophomore Isabelle Miceli

Taken by senior Molly Olsen
Taken by senior Samantha Bell