Getting to know K-Pop Club Open Space

Last year, Taylorsville High had various clubs such as Juggling Club, Art Club, LIA, Robotics club, and more. One club came out as Krush Krew, renaming the club to Open Space this year. They’re known for their up-beating K-Pop dances and music. Starting fresh and new, they’re ready to make this year’s club better.

Sophomore and leader of the club Kayla Erskine describes the club as “a club for people to meet, bond over music and dance. Anyone is welcome.”

A place to make dance covers with many Korean Pop songs, learn new dance moves, meet other students with the same interests, and have fun!

Gaining confidence and getting comfortable being yourself when dancing around others are a couple of the benefits of the club. According to sophomore Belma Hrkovic, those are the benefits she obtained.

In the article “Dance – health benefits” by Better Health, dancing can help a person stay fit, regardless of age, shape, and size. When being physically active, physical confidence and improved mental function increase. Learning to dance starts with a style you feel most comfortable with. Types of dance include Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Square dancing, and more.

Another member, sophomore Katheryn Nunez stated that the club is willing to help those in need. Nunez said, “If you need something or can’t afford something, [the club] will help you with it.” Such as to get costumes or the money needed to afford it. This is something unique in Open Space. They don’t only help in the club, but they’ll help outside of the club.

Like Erskine said, “Anyone is welcome,” in other words, beginner friendly. Hrkovic said, “I have no clue how to dance before, but [my dance has gotten] a lot better [ever since I joined].”

Sophomore Mitsuki Okoshi, the vice president said, “We teach you the dance […] level that matches you.” The club teaches the dance in each section of the song. They primarily focus on the choreography, formation, and song sections the members struggle with.

Their goal for this year is to keep improving in communication. When there’s communication, experiences and feelings are being understood. Sophomore Oliver Leon and assistant club manager said, “[We want] to have a bunch of inclusivity, and we definitely want to up our communication.”

Along with communication, they want to help people to continue to be active in dancing. Sophomore dancer Kaden Perez said, “Because I’m not as active, this club is an opportunity […] to help me move more.”

Look out for Open Space in assemblies. They’re looking for opportunities to make their club more known by performing in school assemblies. It will be an honor for them to be featured in the school’s announcement. Open Space meets after school until 4:30 pm at the dance room L Hall 201, and sometimes they dance in Villa 6. When there’s no school, they meet at the Taylorsville Recreation Center.

For more information about this club, follow Open Space on Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel.