Why the whole world talked about the Queen’s death


Emma Stowe, Editor

We all know about the Queen of England and the royal family but why are we invested so much in their lives when we are 4,417 miles away?  Maybe we think that this will affect international relationships or we just never thought she would die and so now we are all shocked.

According to Texas A&M Today, “The queen’s death comes at a turbulent time in British politics, with a recent scandal-induced change of prime minister and soaring energy, food, and fuel costs. A 2021 poll taken across England, Scotland, and Wales showed a 70% approval rating for Queen Elizabeth, but only 50% of respondents thought favorably of her son and heir Charles, now King Charles III.”  With King Charles III taking over, should we be worried that the surrounding areas might try to remove themselves from the monarch’s power?  If areas currently in the monarchy’s power were to try to secede, we might see more and more of what the royal family is willing to do keep England within their power. 

People never thought that Queen Elizabeth would ever die, to the point of joking that she was just immortal.  She has been queen the majority of every person’s life and because of that people just got used to seeing her and hearing about her; they just figured she’d always be around.  She took the throne at 25 years old and has been queen ever since.  She lived through the Second World War, the COVID-19 pandemic, and Millenia. People just truly thought she would live forever.  The Washington Post stated, “Commentators have used the word “stability” to describe her contribution to the United Kingdom. Stability suggests that nothing changes. That’s not what she offered. Rather, she provided continuity — a sense of connection to the past, a symbol of a shared history.”  She really did provide continuity to her country because of how long she was the queen.People knew they didn’t need to worry about having to switch Kings and Queens a lot.

The Queen became the queen not only of the United Kingdom but as well as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, also known as the Commonwealth.  “Her long reign saw her circling the globe many times: Following her coronation, Elizabeth and Philip took a seven-month tour, visiting 13 countries and logging more than 40,000 miles.” said CNBC.  She has met all of the United States presidents from Harry S. Truman to the current president, Joe Biden.  Even though she was the Queen of England, she still had a lot of involvement with the United States and she was one of our role models.  

Queen Elizabeth did so much for both her country and ours. All throughout her reign one of her goals was to keep the relations between her country and other countries strong, which she accomplished.  Over her reign, she visited over 120 countries.  She had a strong influence on every county she visited, you can tell that even though she was only the Queen of England she made sure to go out of her way to be the Queen to everyone she visited.