Dancing benefits students


Kaylee Wengren

DanceCo. students practice new routines after school.

Kylee Warren, Reporter

People of any age believe that dancing is beneficial, others not so much. Dancing can help students’ confidence and self esteem rise dramatically. “Dancing benefits my body and mood. It helps me express myself and makes me feel better about myself,” said Heather Shade, Junior Dance Company member. Multiple people have said very similar things as Shade. “And while there may be some factual basis for the melodramatic world of ballet that Hollywood has created; popular culture has overlooked the fact that a disciplined practice of Ballet can actually provide many mental health benefits for anyone (even someone with no Ballet experience), said Amber Shriver, Artistic Director of Connect the Dots Dance Company. Physical health goes along with this.

Dancing on a team, or with anyone, provides more social experiences. Riley Coe, Senior Dance Company member, says “Dancing helps me learn important life lessons while being on a team.” Coe has learned important life lessons from being on a dance team “You must be the best and most selfless version of yourself that you can be.”

While dancing people are forced to focus on whatever it is you are doing. “Dancing benefits me by helping me keep my grades up,  focusing during class, and it helps me be a better dancer.” said Lexii Price, Senior on Dance Company. To be apart of the Taylorsville Dance Company you must receive a GPA higher than 2.0 with no more than one F and, a CPA of 2.0 or higher. Price also stated “If you like to dance then you have to have good grades to be able to dance”

Some don’t agree that dancing benefits them. Elysia Santistevan, Junior, says, “It’s not good for my self esteem when I jiggle and people catch me.” This could be an issue for many kids. Sometimes you just want to jam out to some music and dance around in your room without being judged, then you get caught. “Getting caught dancing when you think no one’s watching is embarrassing” said Santistevan.

There are many opportunities to get involved in dance at school without having to be on the dance company. Dance classes of all kinds are provided for students, including: Ballroom, Dance 1, Dance 2, etc. Although not everyone agrees on if dance is beneficial or not there are many cases that can go for or against it.