High school relationships seldom last past graduation


Junior Sapiga, Reporter

It seems nowadays every teenager is looking for love, yet with all this searching for teenage love, the question of does it last after high school seems to be a popular one. The Huffington Post statistics state that 98% of high school relationships don’t last after they graduate, 2% truly last after the caps and gowns.


Throughout high school love has come and gone. Some high school sweethearts stay together, others don’t. Mrs. Tarrant Taylorsville High School Choir teacher said,“(I’ve) seen high school relationships last after graduation but it is rare.” Tarrant also said that,“while being a choir teacher she’s witnessed so many high school sweethearts. Only few stay together.” Yet, as only the few rare couples stay together, is it fair to say these relationships won’t last after graduation.


“Don’t take them too seriously,” said Alex Fung. He said from experience there are so many people out there in the world. There are more than 7.125 billion people on this planet. The odds of finding the right person for anybody in their high school alone is Astronomical. All high school sweethearts have to put each other’s goals and dreams into consideration as well. Many couples go in different paths after high school; some go to school, other go into work force, etc. For some couples the constant change is too much.

Some people stay with their high school sweethearts through college and find themselves happily married later on down the line. Others feel like college is a good time to start making new friends and seeing other people. One married high school sweetheart couple says “Even though they went separate ways after graduation they still found to love each other ten years after graduation.” It can work out after high school. Maybe not the way expected, but it can happen.

Relationships can work after high school with loyalty and commitment,some don’t. Some couples want it to work after graduation, but others want to start seeing others and meeting new people. Neal Tua said,” Don’t worry about the future and what’s in store, but enjoy the moment now.”