Natural causes more likely to end world rather than doomsday predictions


Icess Overstreet, Reporter

The world hasn’t been engulfed in flames despite what the doomsday predictions held. An online Christian group called eBible said that Doomsday was upon us. Chris McCann, leader of the eBible fellowship believed the world would be destroyed by a massive fire on October 7.

However, we’re all still here the next day Tweeting and joking how we have to go to work, school, and continue our everyday lives. So what did the eBible group have to say about the world not ending? He admitted that his bible predictions were off and was quoted as saying, the end would come “soon.” He stated that the blood moon earlier this month was a first sign to his predictions.

“People have been surviving and fighting off all sorts of catastrophes. Like poverty, disease and just other humans. AIDs and the Black Plague almost wiped everyone off of the map. Anyone can say that the world’s ending soon, whether it’s a God formed plan or not.” said an anonymous student.

Earthquakes most likely affect people’s views on where and how they live. And it can make everyone wonder how safe they really are. The biggest earthquake ever recorded had been recorded with the magnitude hitting a high 9.5 on May 22, 1960 in Valdivia, Chile. The largest fatality rate in the past five years caused by earthquakes was 316,000 people in Haiti on January 12, 2010.  Earthquakes can cause significant damage, but are still unlikely to end the world as we know it.

“I think the world will end because we’re destroying it. No prediction has been real enough to believe that some sort of God will rain down fire or create a great flood. Every some sort held prediction hasn’t fallen through and I for one believe that they never will.” said a student who wished to remain anonymous.

Yellowstone National Park in Montana, Wyoming, and part of Idaho, is made up to be an enormous volcano. Yellowstone has mantle plumes underneath, these mantle plumes are titanic pillars of molten rock that are far on the end of the tectonic plates way down beneath under the Earth’s crust. Volcanoes are found near the edges of tectonic plates that are pushing and pulling violently.

Underneath the National Park with forest ranges, canyons, geysers, and large numbers of wildlife,  Yellowstone makes up a supervolcano that dwarfs all other volcano that’s ever been recorded in human history. So It’s more likely of Yellowstone’s eruption in centuries or maybe even a few decades could end life as people know it.

It is looking more likely that when and if the world ends human civilization it’ll be from more natural causes. Still, different beliefs will rise up every now and again so people can believe in a God or don’t whatever helps them live their life while they have it. When people look at this world now, everyone should be proud that people  have come so far, humans should worry about their actions and begin to preserve, protect, and care for the planet.