Noise pollution endagers focus


Jarod DeSpain, Reporter

There aren’t many places in which the constant thunder of traffic is mute, or the sounds of innumerable people going about their daily lives ebbing away. So often the roar of an airplane flying overhead is heard. Throughout the day and into the night, it continues. Noise pollution is a big aspect in people’s life. Even inside schools students will play music or talk to each other in the classrooms, the cafeteria, the commons area. The constant drone of students is heard everywhere throughout the school.

Noise pollution not only exist on the streets and in schools. Students must deal with noise pollution inside their own homes. The average household in America, as found on the CIA website, typically has two children residing along their parents, and more in other households. Students are often exposed to noise from their household as various activities take place throughout the house. THS student Aaron (real name withheld) said “I have two younger siblings along with my mom, so things can get pretty noisy at times in the house.”

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), students that must deal with a greater amount of noise in the house could experience stress and decreased productivity if they are disrupted and unable to focus on topics. THS student Aaron states “I commonly have a hard time completing school work at home because of my brothers, so I will do it at work or finish it in class.” Students have the option to head to the library during and after school to work on assignments or projects, though the library can be equally noisy.

While it is virtually impossible to abolish noise pollution, it can be reduced. Other forms of travel such as walking or taking a bus to a destination instead of driving alone can reduce the amount of noise. Vehicles such as boom cars produce a great amount of noise, and according to resources from the EPA, over 25 percent of driver accidents are caused by driver distraction. Avoiding loud music can reduce noise pollution and risk of personal safety.