The school ain’t big enough for the two of us

Keely Valdez, Assistant Editor

As the older sibling, there are responsibilities as to how to care for the younger sibling. “Watch out for them.” “Make sure they are safe.” “Don’t teach them that.” “Make sure they eat their lunch.” The classic worries of parents as students are heading out the door for their first day of school. Most students can agree that having a sibling with you is weird and almost comforting. The responsibility for another human being is somewhat challenging but it becomes easier as life goes on.

As depicted in classic high school scenarios, if the main character has a sibling in the same school as them, it almost always turned into a bloodbath. They avoid each other in the hallways, pretending like they have no brother or sister. Carrying on with their lives as if, there was no little voice in the back of their head saying, ‘Don’t forget what mom said this morning.’ The siblings never get along until some major conflict is resolved. That’s not usually how it is in reality. It’s less dramatized and has less tension.

Having siblings in the same school isn’t necessarily the end of the world. There are benefits or advantages to having them in the same establishment. Not only does the student have their own personal bodyguard but they have a guaranteed friend on the first day of school. Having siblings in the same school has lots of positives. It is said that when there is a brighter, studious, older sibling that the younger one will follow in his/her steps. Bonding is another gain. The siblings would have plenty of time to find out who they are and to bond with their younger/older sibling.

Heidi Buhler, a sophomore, said, “I have a class with Sarah, child development, and she only likes that class because I’m in it.”

The disadvantages aren’t as abundant as Hollywood depicts. The negatives to this are if the siblings are fighting that day/night, their school work is being affected by the behavior of the student. Their grades might drop a little for that day and they might be lethargic. Another thing is the reputation of the older sibling(s) transcending on to the younger sibling. Teachers may recognize the last name and start remembering the memories of the older sibling. There goes the younger siblings chance of building a reputation. Most of the time, it’s a bad thing but it also can be a good thing.

Senior, Sarah Buhler, said, “My little sister is my best friend so it is way fun to have her in high school with me. It’s a party, I love it!”

    Having a sibling can be both adventurous and one of the most excruciating things in life but it can be beneficial for health purposes. The thought of knowing that there is a friend there is a comforting thought. Having a personal bodyguard is even more comforting. Siblings will always be around and it’s a good thing. Whether or not there’s plenty of arguments within the household, there’s always a lifetime friend.