Eazy season is finally here


Jesse Vigil, Sports Editor

When It’s Dark Out is G-Eazy’s most recent album. He dropped it on December 4th, 2015 after leaking a few tracks before officially releasing the album. This album is very versatile. Songs like “Random” and “You Got Me” show the harder side of Gerald whereas songs like “Order More” and “Sad Boy” show that he is capable of switching up his style and still putting out quality music.

The When It’s Dark Out album is a continuation of G-Eazy’s previous album These Things Happen. The songs in this album reveal the dark side to the successful career that G-Eazy has created. He raps about finally starting to achieve the success he has been aiming for his whole life and having to cope with the new lifestyle that is has presented to him.

In addition to coping with the lifestyle he raps about how his success “is not random” and he has been doing this for a long time. He clearly lets everyone know that hard work and persistence as well as sheer talent are why he is where he is today. Even though he doesn’t own a car or his own house he lets people know that he has earned enough money to blow it on whatever he wants.

One of the featured songs on the album is “Me, Myself & I”. A quote from the opening verse is “A Stella Maxwell right beside of me, a Ferrari I’m buyin three. A closet of Saint Laurent, get what I want when I want ‘cause this hunger is drivin’ me.” This quote lets the world know the Gerald has the looks to get all the girls and the money to buy almost anything he desires when he wants it, but his hunger for reaching higher won’t ever die.

Another popular quote from this song is, “I just need to be alone. I just need to be at home. Understand what I’m speaking on, if time is money I need a loan, but regardless I’ll always keep keepin’ on.” These excerpt shows that G feels overwhelmed by the fast paced lifestyle and includes a flip on a well known phrase “time is money” by saying that if time is money he needs a loan so that he can have enough time in his life to accomplish what he wants to.

The album has features from big names from rappers like E-40, Too $hort, and Big Sean. The featured singers on the album are very talented as well with artists like Kehlani, Keyshia Cole, Bebe Rexha and Chris Brown.

The album is unique because it talks about the struggle of the fame as well as the struggle of achieving it. Another thing sort of unusual about this album is that it seems Gerald is rapping about love on a couple tracks and sounds very emotional and sincere. This is a side of him his fans aren’t used to seeing.

He recorded 60 or more songs for this album and it only features 17. That sums up the work ethic and devotion that G has for the music as well as the respect and gratitude he has for his fans.