Dystopian theme continues to prevail amoung teens

Dystopian theme continues to prevail amoung teens

Megan Breneman, Assistant Editor

Dystopia… a world in which humanity is no longer free or safe, but hectic and in chaos while under the control of a lunatic government. However, being the opposite of a utopia has its perks when it comes to novels and cinema. With the many current dystopian series like Hunger Games, Maze Runner and Divergent all coming to their ends, one could say they’ve had a good run these past few years, and still. There may be the question of why they are so intriguing to our generations in particular? Well, it may be that there is possibilities hidden within some of these ideas.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2, which came out in November, is the fourth movie to a three part novel series. This story, along with many others like Divergent and Maze Runner, is based on a dystopian world. Corrupt governments who rule over rebellious innocents that fight back. Many of us probably read The Giver in our eighth grade English classes. But why?

Because it’s a classic and one of the most well-known dystopian novels written.

There is definitely a pattern with all the dystopian stories, as there is with every genre, however, some might favor one over the others. Jenan Alaetiaj, Taylorsville alumni, stated that she is enjoying the Maze Runner series because it’s bringing in a more unique storyline.

A pattern most books, of course, is that there’s a main character who overcomes a conflict. Specifically with dystopian stories though, it is the main character who is often the “chosen one” we’ll say. The chosen one usually becomes this because they in one way or another broke the rules of society and created an outburst of rebellion from others, who end up becoming the followers to the “chosen ones”. In the end, they usually come out being victorious.

Currently with movies there has been the recurring theme of having the last book be turned into two part movies. While this brings in more money for films, it seems kind of ridiculous for the public. Because usually, the first one is just long with nothing much to it, it’s slow. For example, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part one was, as many could probably conquer, really just an extended camping trip with no action until Malfoy Manor. Mockingjay part one, while still pretty interesting and powerful, was really just about her role in the propaganda. So honestly, companies just expand their movies to bring in more money with another premiere. Even the Divergent series Allegiant will be made into two parts. But alas, we still tend to enjoy them.

Maybe it’s because they teach us something, as most stories do, or maybe it’s because we see them as warnings or because they are usually stories of hope… for everyone, the love of the dystopian universe is different, but in the end, as many other book genres like fantasy and syfy, they are just well loved and admired.