ACT test coming in March


Bryttni Furubotten, Reporter

ACT testing takes place on March 1st. The test is for juniors, however sophomores are allowed to take the test if they wanted to. The following year when those juniors are seniors and apply for colleges their ACT scores will be looked at and this will be a big deciding factor of their acceptance, so, this is a very important test. However, since this is such an important test it places a lot of stress on the student’s taking it.

On January 4th, the first day back from Christmas Break, the school started offering ACT Prep classes. It’s a flat fee of $30.00 for a total of 60 classes. They’re offered at 6:45 am and again at 2:30pm in room H204.  “Doing the prep classes was the best choice I made last year, they definitely helped prepare me for the ACT’s more than I thought they would,” said senior Clinton Smith

There are also online practice test options on the official ACT website. There are many options at On the website there’s a variety of study options to help prepare you for the ACT test. On the site there is a Test Prep tab, in this tab you can find a test prep guide, example questions, test tips, test descriptions, and a new, in depth ACT question daily.

“I wish I had studied more for the act’s last year. I didn’t think they were a big deal at the time so I didn’t stress about it, but now that I’m a senior I definitely wish I had taken the test more seriously” said senior Kaden Matthew.