Infamous escape captured and detained

Carlos Guitierrez, Reporter

Joaquin Archivaldo “El Chapo” Guzman Loera, is the most wanted criminal in the entire world. He currently faces charges in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, New York and Texas, for multiple reasons, including murder, drugs, conspiracy, drug trafficking, and falsification of IDs, according to Univision News. After six months on the run, there are many theories of why Guzman was captured in Los Mochis, Sinaloa on January 8, after an operation called “Cisne Negro” (Black Goose), but the reality is the situation “El Chapo” is going to face when he is extradited to a maximum security prison in the U.S.

On the other hand, Mexico appears that it’s not going to extradite “El Chapo”. Many politicians have nexus with him. Apart from been one of the mayor income in Mexico, Guzman’s fortune is going to be search by the U.S. government. DEA agent, Phil Jordan, states that, “They wouldn’t capture Guzman unless they had made a deal with him not to extradite him to the U.S.”

Given “El Chapo’s” history of prison escapes, the question arises if the U.S. is ready to control criminals such as “El Chapo.” Journalist, Eduardo Verdugo, from the LA Times said, “Mexicans are counting on the U.S. to be able to do what their justice system could not: Keep Guzmán in jail.”  Officer Bullock, school resource officer said when asked if the U.S. is ready to control criminals such as El Chapo, “They are. I’m sure it will come through the U.S Martial. [They] probably are going to be the ones that provide the security and all that for him, they are very capable. I think [they will be able to contain him] a lot better than the Mexican government.”

Back in June of 2015, the U.S. was making an agreement with the Mexican government to extradite Guzman into the United States, not knowing that he was going to escape in the next month. Now that he has been recaptured, the U.S. wants Mexico to set up an extradite form to transfer Guzman into a maximum security prison, in which harder methods will be implemented for his presence.

Phil Jordan says, “We know that [“El Chapo’s] tentacles  are inside of the United States, but probably not to the grade that he could make an underground tunnel in the super maximum security prison in Colorado.” Adding to this, Officer Bullock said, “Anything’s possible, but I think our prisons are built really well, there is no way they can even get that close, without been detected. I think some of our prisons have sensor and things like that around that… There is always that possibility, there is always that possibility of something happening, but I think is very unlikely, I think is probably 99% sure that he is not going to escape, but there is always that 1%.”