Spy Hop Industry sheds light on talent


Esparanza Standing Bear, Reporter

The music industry consists of companies and artists that make money by distributing music as well as merchandise, performing at concerts, making music videos, and more. Many want to pursue this field but only a few will make it. Many artists grew up without the material needs to pursue this career. Spy Hop helps teenagers reach their goal.

Spy Hop is a program that provides high-quality and flexible programming for K-12 youth. For over 15 years, Spy Hop has guided young individuals in afterschool and community programs in film, audio, design and music production. Spy Hop is even recognized by the White House as a leading nonprofit arts and humanities organization. “ I help teens that are at a really difficult age. I find ways to empower and give them opportunities to take strength and make that process more important and enjoyable. That’s why I do my job because to me that’s amazing,” Rowan Stigner.

Resonate is one of the free programs offered at the organization. Resonate is an intensive 2 month class that works with alternative rap and hip hop production. In the program students are expected to write music that relates with their life as well as learn how to sample, produce their own beats on Ableton production software, perform on the radio, and in front of live audiences.

Apprenticeship is another program offered by Spy Hop. Teens from the age 14-19 that are passionate about filmmaking, graphic/game design, audio recording, or music production are offered a 5 month class. This class works with Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Graphic Design, Animation, Game Design using Unity3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema4D, and more to create a personal portfolio and have it shown to professionals for feedback. “For someone who is barely starting their own studio it would be a great place to go so they know how to run the software,” Alexis Castro.

Open mic is another free program the organization offers to the youth. Every Friday from 3 PM – 7 PM Spy Hop opens its recording studio to ages 13-19. During this time teens are able to collaborate and record original music for free. Independent artists or bands have the chance to use their own instruments or borrow some from the program if needed but for a fact they will walk out with an .mp3 of original music. “We’re able to run our classes the way we think is most likely to have the biggest impact on individual students. I try to tailor each student experience differently and that allows me to fulfill my job to the maximum,” Rowan.