Fine Arts classes craft stress-relieving environment


Mckayla Philbrick, Reporter

It’s possible that theater, choir and dance make an impact on students’ lives. It’s helping by “reducing student dropout, raising student attendance, developing better team players… improving greater student dignity” said Bob Bryant in an article discussing the importance of fine art.

In fact the sheer factor of creativity in students lives’ impacts more than people would think. Whether it’s grades, creativity, social skills or just all around happiness, a creative class or extracurricular activity could be making a difference.

For choir students, the musical benefits are what helps students both socially and with knowing their surroundings. It requires a certain level of courage to get up on stage and sing, even if it’s with multiple other people. Whether you’re an incredibly good singer or not it can help you.

“It makes you feel more in touch with the music and the things around you,” said junior, Rachel Timpson.

Participating in theater typically targets students’ social skills. Standing up in front of many students takes a newer level of confidence and that helps you with other things as well. “It helps you with your social skills definitely and giving presentations in class you just know how to hold yourself and you’re more confident in yourself,” said junior, Miranda Prows. It gives you the courage to stand up in front of crowds and makes it easier to get the strength to talk to even the newest students.

“I feel like it helps me kind of express myself” said Prows. It’s a way to “escape and do something else for a change.”

Theater also gives students a way to express themselves or experience how they wish they were feeling, without having to actually be that person.

For dancers it’s a different form of creativity altogether. It’s a way to learn a healthy lifestyle and it’s great for teamwork.  “I learned to socialize with all types of people and learned teamwork in all situations.”Junior, Lexi Reagan.

The creativity of this isn’t brought up through words however, it’s brought through actions and the person can still be themselves but by using different characteristics or body movements. The reason students fall in love with it is totally proves it ” I fell in love with the way someone could move their body to their feelings or words being felt or told and it turns out so beautiful”. said  Reagan.  “It’s a way to express the creativeness I have and to bring others creativeness to reality and I think that’s beautiful”.

All of these forms of creativity have a similarity though, they aren’t always what you think of when you think “creative” but that doesn’t make them any less creative than those in a drawing or ceramics class. Art isn’t always an image on a paper, it can be so much more.

Having these allowed for students even gives them a purpose “It gives me something to work for and I have a bigger reason to dedicate to school,” Reagan said.

It gives students something to work for. Even after you’ve started, the creativity still grows. For singers, it’s how you decide to sing a specific song or write it, for theater it’s how you play your part and for dancers it’s how you express the emotions without the words. These subjects may not be the biggest thing out there, but they sure do help students get through, no matter what else is going on at the time.