SNARKNADO: Teachers in the wild


Keely Valdez, Assistant Editor

A trip to the store, something that seems harmless, ends up being one of the most critical situations causing a near-death experience. Everytime you drive, what would be casually glancing at the other car stopped, could be dangerous for the social life the student may have.  Going out for coffee with a friend could be lethal. Out of nowhere, a wild teacher comes, seeing all the embarrassing dance moves, the awkward exchanges at the cash register, or hearing the loud laughter in the corner of the coffee shop. This is the end of a social life all in its own.

Since the dawn of time, students assume that teachers spend all their time at school. They might even live there, although it has never been confirmed. New studies suggest that teachers actually have their own lives to live. It hasn’t been proven yet but scientist are still working on this curious case. The thought of teachers actually having their own lives out of school is appalling and weird to think about.

If there is one thing to be remembered, it is the fact of teachers are just as surprised to see a student outside of school as the student is. They take many precautions as to where where they shop or where they go out out eat. They have to look over their shoulder just so they don’t have to awkwardly bump into a student and have the casual conversation of weather or the video previously shown in class.

That leaves the other thought of “What do they do in their spare time?”. Teachers, just like the students, want to entertain themselves somehow, especially if it’s the end of the quarter and they’re stuck grading late assignments. They might go treasure hunting, watch weird Netflix specials, or even listen to foreign music. The world may never know or may never want to know.

Everyone has a right to their personal lives, but it’s just the common belief  that teachers don’t live their lives. The second they enter the classroom, they immediately get into teacher mode and are the most prepared people in everyday life, so it’s really uncommon to hear them talk casually about their weekends. Using their mighty teacher skills, they magically forget their weekends because it’s more than likely that they spent it grading work anyways or they bring it up and magically give you a lecture about it.

The point is, teachers will go to great lengths to avoid students. Students will go to great lengths to avoid their teachers. They might switch up their daily routines to the stores or change their primary shopping center completely. Both of their facial colors changes  in .2 seconds flat. This is where the greatest stories begin, ladies and gentlemen. This is where legends are born.