The Foodie Club: Chi Ku


Hollie Link, Assistant Editor

Over the past a few months the corner of 5400s and Redwood has seen quite a few miraculous changes. One of these changes being all the new food options. The Opening of Chi-Ku had many patiently waiting for their fast and delicious curry or teriyaki bowl. When Chi-Ku opened in March they delivered all that was expected of them.

Chi-ku offers a wide variety of Thai, Korean, and Vietnamese inspired food. That is non-GMO, organic, and only includes fresh ingredients. When first approaching the front counter to order you can see a nice and easy menu to follow. There are five main steps; pick your base, then choose protein, vegetables, sauce, and finally top it off with some extra flavor.

The bases vary from pad thai, rice, to rice noodles, and end with salad. Their options of protein can meet everyone’s dietary standards. You can choose from chicken, beef, pork, tofu, or extra vegetables. When picking the vegetables it is clearly noticeable how fresh they actually are. With steam floating off of them and the bright colors of orange and green rising into the air. Portraying crisp, raw, and fresh produce.

The sauce choice is the most important, as this is what holds all the flavor. There is a wide range of sauces, from massaman curry for the spice lovers, to teriyaki for the picky eaters. Lastly, step five gives an option to top off your masterpiece with either a slaw, peanuts, or paste. Now let’s not forget about the organic soda, sweetened with cane sugar to prevent the stagnant feeling sodas leave you with. Or the in store cold pressed juices, that are made with fruits and vegetables.

The atmosphere of this restaurant goes right along with the menu. All the colors are neutral, providing a very casual and tranquil place to enjoy the refreshing cuisine. After enjoying the meals and beverages it seems impossible to feel guilty about what you consumed. Living up to the expectation of serving non processed foods, and creating their recipes from scratch.