Boys’ tennis team begins new season


Jesse Vigil, Sports Editor

The boys’ tennis team here is coached by Rebecca Elkins. This year with tougher teams such as Bingham, the guys have some serious competition to play against. The team works hard in practice after school to prepare for their upcoming matches. Running back and forth along the baseline of the court can be tiring if you aren’t in shape, and in sets that go deeper than expected conditioning can be the deciding factor between a win and a loss.

The team plays Bingham next week and with some wins already they look to capture some key wins against the Miners.

Senior Cameron Larrabee says, “The team doesn’t necessarily have an overall goal except for have fun and kick some butt.”

No matter who they are playing the players look to forward to coming out and competing while also having some fun while doing what they like.

Some think that having fun playing a sport means you are throwing the competitive edge to the wind, but if the athletes are competitive then that aspect of the game is what makes it fun and motivates them. There are two types of matches that our tennis team plays. One on one, or singles; as well as two on two, known as doubles.

The doubles teams as well as the individuals have the talent to compete with anyone the other schools throw at them and although they may not always win they are always gonna put up a fight.

Overall the tennis team is a talented group of guys looking to go out and compete for our school. The wins and losses get complicated between the team and the individuals, as individuals score points that qualify them for higher tournaments, but altogether the team is projected to have a good chance to send at least a few players to the 5A state tournament.