Cancellations leave golf eager to play


Hollie Link, Assistant Editor

Did you know that Taylorsville has a girls’ golf team? Most people don’t because they correspond golf with old business men gambling on who is going to win. However golf is much more. Mr. Hymas, math teacher, says, “it is more about the people you’re with and enjoying their company as much as enjoying the beauty of the course.”

The girls’ golf season starts on March 14th and ends around May 10th.  The girls appear to be more than ready to take on the season. With the local pro, Quinton Sacer from Meadowbrook golf course, and Mr. Hymas teaching them all they need to know. From determining which iron to hit with to learning which angle the grass was cut at. The team is expected to be superb this season.

“I expect a couple of the girls to do really well at the region tournament and I expect to teach some of the other kids how to play the game,” said Hymas.

The team continues to grow little by little each year. Last year there were five girls on the team and three happened to be seniors who graduated. This year, the team has six girls, making  the team grow by four.

Playing golf within highschool means getting use to being labeled as 1, 2, 3, and so forth. Each school has 8-10 players, the same number from each school at any given tournament plays the course together. Making an opportunity for the players to become friends with others from neighboring schools.  

Kayla Bradley, junior, said, “I like playing with the other girls, I played with some girls from Cottonwood and Jordan and they were super nice and supportive.”

One month into their season and three tournaments have already been canceled. However, the girls’ play at Meadowbrook golf course on April 12th, and Stonebridge on the 13th. Bradley said, “I get bummed when they cancel a meet because I’m always so stoked to play. Luckily, I am planning to play after the season and I’ve been trying to improve.”