Elections get Trumped and it’s Hillaryous

Aaron Escalante, Guest Writer

With the presidential primaries getting closer to the end, it becomes even more important for the citizens of the United States of America to inform themselves of the candidates positions because it’s all a matter of time voting booths open up.

At the moment, those currently in the lead from both parties in New Hampshire are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, making them the candidates most likely to be in our Presidential Election. Therefore, it is important to study up on what they support and are against so that the American people can vote for who they know will suit their needs. Let’s start with the Republican Party.

Donald Trump is a successful businessman who’s the owner of the Trump Organization containing multiple high-class hotels and golf courses. He’s dabbled in politics before, but never as a candidate for the Presidency. His supporters and opposers, as stated by The Atlantic are:

A shocking portion of the Republican primary electorate; Democrats; white supremacists. The rest of the Republican field, along with its intellectual luminaries, however, are horrified.”

As for his political positions though, he mainly pushes for  “U.S.-China trade reform, veterans administration reforms, tax reform, second amendment rights, [and] immigration reform” as stated by his campaign website.

In an interview with Colton Curtis, a current AP Government student, he says:

“I would fairly hope that Donald Trump does not get it [Presidential Nomination]. He is a racist psychopath. He’s trying to cash in on fear.”

And in an interview with Rachel Mills, a student who was in AP Government, she says:

“He’ll [Donald Trump] answer the question without actually answering the question and that’s not going over what we need to hear as a nation, that’s just giving us a bunch of bull—-.”

He is currently leading the primaries with around a 50 point lead over 2nd place and is endorsed by Sarah Palin, Gary Busey, Stephen Baldwin, Hulk Hogan, Mike Ditka and several other politicians and celebrities.

Hillary Clinton is the former first lady, former Secretary of State, and former Senator of New York. Well-known by many for her many actions, one of the most notable of them being running for president in 2008. She pulled out however and endorsed soon-to-be President Obama. However, she is back at it again in 2016 and is in the lead.

As for her political standpoints, her website lists twenty-eight different issues, ranging from alzheimer’s disease to infrastructure, however her main issues are “Wall Street and corporate America, Women’s rights and opportunity, and Health care.”

Hillary’s supporters, according to The Atlantic, are “most of the Democratic Party.” However, many republicans disapprove of her after the Benghazi and email scandals. When interviewed, Colton Curtis had this to say:

“I would hope that Bernie Sanders would come up on top over Hillary Clinton…[there are] a lot of scandals that happened over Hillary Clinton.”

Rachel Mills in her interview had this to say regarding the Democratic primaries:

“I really think that there is a lot of tension between Hillary and Bernie…it [Democratic debates] is actually more interesting to watch.”

She is also endorsed by former President Bill Clinton, Katy Perry, Will Ferrell, Elton John, Tom Hanks, and several other celebrities.

The presidential primaries will be updated today with Super Tuesday, and there’s still a chance that someone else can come out on top. The likelihood of it is decreasing exponentially however.

As for the biggest endorsement any candidate can hope for, President Obama has not endorsed any candidate thus far, but he has criticized, both directly and indirectly, the Republican candidates with a focus on Donald Trump.