Staff Ed: Apple vs. Android debate heats up

Opinions split on new Apple and Android phone models

Warrior Ledger Staff

Two brands of phones have been in the spotlight for a while: Apple and Samsung. Recently, Apple has come out with their iphone 7 and Samsung with their Galaxy 7. Some people have very strong opinions and others have no opinion at all on which one is better.

The two most noticeable problems with these two phones is that the Apple iphone 7s are too big for most pockets and have no screen and no headphone jack. The Samsung’s Galaxy 7 has been spontaneously combusting.

Past versions of the iphone and the Galaxy seem to have had a more positive reputation than the latest model. Iphone 5 is possibly the best version of the Apple iphones; after that it all went downhill as if Apple stopped caring about what improves the phone for their customers needs and instead focused on what can get them the most money. They removed the headphone jack so Apple users have to buy $150 wireless earphones to listen to music in private.

Some students have all almost all their music or game purchases stored on either the Google Play store or iTunes, so switching over to a different system to get things can be really inconvenient.

Other students are happy with certain sizes of phones, so changing from Samsung or Apple to the other can present the user with a need to readjust to the new size. Both companies have, more or less, been digging at each other for phone size and overall specs.

The chargers on the phones are also different so the change would cost more than some students may want to spend on switching over from Samsung or Apple to the other.

Some are happy or content with the phone they currently have, so paying the money to upgrade and change something when it doesn’t need to be doesn’t make any sense.

Others may have had an issue with a certain brand of phones in the past, or see certain issues that either one is having now, and decide upgrading their phone isn’t the best choice for them. They are happy with what they have.

Some students don’t even have an opinion on this because their phones have hinges. It is rare for millennials to have flip phones but some do and enjoy it. Unlike smartphone users who tend to create bizarre, superficial brand rivalries after staunchly aligning themselves with team Apple/Samsung/Android, they might not even be sure what brand of phone they have. It says Verizon? Clearly, the Apple vs. Samsung trenches aren’t for everyone.

Another reason why some don’t have an opinion could be the price. Some students choose the cheaper option even if their phone is crappy, because they don’t have a choice. In some cases parents have their high school-aged kids pay for their own phones, so that can alter the phone they choose.

While some may not have a stake in this battle, others may observe that their phone hasn’t lit on fire recently. They might have been a diehard Apple fans forever. The new iPhone update may suck, but the camera and the apps are a lot better than Android, so some might happily stay indentured to their mainstream-society consumerism.