The off and on Utah Jazz

Canyen Manchego, Reporter

The Utah Jazz have already shown signs of being a great team and being a horrible team all within a short span of time. It has been a crazy emotional ride so far this season even though they have barely started the season. The Jazz started the season on what most would consider a good start winning 2 of the first three games against some of the Western conference’s more worthy opponents. They gained wins over the Denver Nuggets and Oklahoma City Thunder while losing, to the Minnesota Timberwolves by only 3 points on the road.

After all of this, the Jazz lost the next two games on the road before returning home and going on a little win streak of 3 before starting the dark three game losing stretch that they find themselves to be into this day as of writing this. Utah Jazz fans have probably already experienced a wide range of emotions going on win streaks one day. Then falling apart and going into losing streaks the next day it has been a roller coaster of a season so far, and it will probably only get worse from here.

This rocky start for our local NBA team is sure to have some student fans kind of worried about what is to come. When asked what Jamen Tenney has thought about the jazz so far this season he said, “I have had a wide range of emotions so far this season, but I have mostly been worried I cringe every time I watch the jazz play.” While other Jazz fans such as Ulises Amaton said, “I have optimistic feelings for the Jazz this season, yes it has started off kind of inconsistent, but I have a feeling they will figure it out sooner rather than later.”

When asked what he thought this team is capable of this season Tenney said, “I think we are going to get better as the season goes on we are just figuring things out right now but we will be okay.” While Amaton said, “I have faith that the Jazz with getting more consistent as the season goes on and I think we will make the playoffs.”

Some students who aren’t fans of the Utah Jazz however, view their season outlook to be bleak Jr Quijada said, “I think the Jazz suck and they won’t be making the playoffs for sure this year they are too inconsistent and nobody can score on that team they are going to get a high draft pick.”
Varsity football player Yafed Mendez who happens to be a Lakers fan said, “I think the Lakers are going to be better than the Jazz this season because the Jazz looks sloppy when they play, and you aren’t going to win in the NBA if you are sloppy.”

Some of the main struggles that basketball analysis experts have been quick to point out about the Jazz are that they have struggled to find their go-to scorer and late game specialist. Most fans were hoping Rodney Hood was going to step up in the absence of Gordon Hayward, but so far he has yet to really become a consistent scorer. SLC Dunk said, “Things could be better right now for the Utah Jazz. They are coming off their third straight loss, two of which on their home court. They recently participated in one of the worst shooting nights in franchise history, and haven’t quite seemed to find their identity as a team or mesh offensively.” Things have been up and down to start the season, but some Jazz fans still have hope for this season going forward.