Living in the state of Utah automatically makes you rude

Utah is ranked top 15 of the united states’ rudest states

Elaine Hernandez, Reporter

A group of over 50,000 submit their results to Travel + Leisure. The annual results for America’s Favorite Places survey, ranked Salt Lake City top 15 of America’s Rudest Cities. Salt Lake City ranked number 6 on the scale. New York City ranked three slots above Salt Lake City as far as kindness goes. Senior student Jordan Still said, “I am not surprised Utah ranked so high”.

The question is why? Why would a state that continues to be the worldwide headquarters of The Church of Jesus rank so high? Could the ‘Bad Utah Driver’ stereotype be a cause?

“I lived in Mississippi for my younger years, I have never been cut off so much then here in Utah. I don’t think is bad driving, it’s selfish driving,” said Jennie Pryor.

Maybe it’s the misconception that people judge if you aren’t a church goer.

“I think not going to church plays a small roll on how Utah’s treat you, after all, we are a Mormon state. But I believe that it’s the fact that people don’t sympathize and relate to one another in Utah. You keep to yourself,” said Junior Abby Monrraga.

People may consider Utah to be a place filled with friendly church going people; While others will describe it as “judgemental and rude to those who don’t live their lives the way they do,” said Junior London Moseley.

Some people say that if you are not Mormon you are judged. Is this the reason for our low ranking? Utah is filled with kind, humble church folk according to some.

“I lived in the south and then moved to Utah. Mormon from the south is less strict and more laid back,” said Moseley. “One thing I miss from the south is the fact that everyone is respectful. For example, to their parents, they say ‘yes sir’ and ‘yes mam’. Here in Utah, some kids talk back to their parents. Down in the south, you never talk back or you got hit.”

While other may disagree saying, “I think Utah is a good place, the people are kind. Yeah, there’s not much to do, but it can be a fun place,” said Sophia Smith.

Regardless of what everyone thinks, your own opinion is the only one that shouldn’t  matter. If Utah is a state you lived your whole life and you love it, then it is what it is. In the future, the Salt Lake City community can focus on each other and understand the different background of their peers.