Snarknado: The first week of the school year

Piper Cawley, Opinion Editor

The first week is rough all on it’s own. Sleeping schedules change, diets change…well maybe not the diet part of this. Teenagers feel free while summer is in full swing, free to stay up late, anything. But the last week of summer is when it all comes crashing back, school starts. The stress of coming back physically hurts your brain, or at least it might. Here, cue the sad, walking in the rain music video for your sudden realization. Nothing is more straightforward than a kid that had a warped sleep schedule, “It is actually killing me right now because I didn’t get up till probably two in the afternoon and was going to bed past four in the morning. So sleeping is terrible and trying to stay awake is terrible,” Says Hunter Malcolm, Junior. During summer break, you are usually staying up late, whether you’re watching Netflix, or hanging out with your friends, you never go to bed at the time you say you will. Probably staying up past two in the morning, and sleeping in until noon or three in the afternoon- that must’ve been a crazy night.

Imagine this, you walk into school and you see your friends you haven’t seen all summer long, are you excited to see them, or would you give them the cold shoulder and hang out with others? Well, “I don’t know. Some of them were how I remembered and some of them I didn’t exactly want to see so just depending on who they were,” Malcolm states; things change, you might not want to see that person because over the summer because they ate your whole bag of Lucky Charms, or something more serious happened to where there aren’t even talking terms.  

Food is the literal comfort for the first week. Pizza, coffee, chocolate, anything that’s junk food basically. “Actual, real food. Like I’m talking like, east coast or other good stuff. Just real food. Not like plastic food, real good food,” Jackson Spencer explains, the stress of the first week back means you need extra good food, like Spencer explained, east coast, maybe Thai food, something good and fancy. Or you just might want an extra large frozen Mr. B’s with whipped cream and caramel drizzle, you never know what may sound good at the time.

Let’s talk serious for a second, how does it feel to be back at school for yet another installment to your education? Well, here we have Junior, Tyler Jones explaining some juicy stuff for us, “I mean honestly, it feels good. Last year, I slacked off a lot and I didn’t put effort into anything, I was sluffing, I didn’t show interest. But then it was summer and I got back into football and I learned how it was to actually try in school. I wanted to get held back to learn my lesson the hard way but I decided not, to just put that work into building from how I am now…” Advice to all reading this, never skip school, even if it’s the stress of the first week, don’t do it. Not a good idea at all, stay in school and get rewarded a golden star sticker and more food.

Now, the first week is pretty bad off, groggy kids turn into grumpy little monsters when not fed at the right time with good food, or when they haven’t their full twenty hours of sleep checked off their list for the week. Teens aren’t ready for the new school year, they still are wanting to watch every single season of Grey’s Anatomy or American Horror Story.