Being a part of the 27 Club

Breanna Siepert, Reporter

The 27 Club. A tragic phenomenon is known far and wide in the world of Rock and Roll.  Over 50 inspiring artists have died at the age of 27.   Kurt Cobain died on April 5, 1994, from suicide.  Amy Winehouse died on July 23, 2011, from alcohol intoxication.  Jimi Hendrix died on September 18, 1970, of barbiturate overdose. The three listed are just a few of the many unnatural deaths that have arisen from celebrities at the age of 27. These deaths have been a mystery for years and one question has still gone unanswered; why 27? What happens at this age that causes these artists to overdose, commit suicide, or be caught in a deadly accident?  

Hundreds of answers have been found as to why this continues to happen, but none have been proven. These answers vary from coincidences to accidents, and even conspiracy theories and the government.  

The government and conspiracy theory answers are a little far fetched, but they do seem to make sense to a lot of people.  Eliza Snyder says “I think that it’s a government conspiracy. The government, they see these people that are coming into power through music, because it’s powerful, and then they kill them all. Or it’s aliens,”

Adar Delic follows a similar approach by stating, “For one, they’re faking their deaths and all being frozen under the Pentagon, and then the second one is that it’s just a really big coincidence.  It’s one of the two.”  These ideas of it being a conspiracy are very prominent on the subject of the 27 Club, but some students feel that it is more realistic than a conspiracy.

“I think it’s either on purpose, accidental, or they wanted to become a part of the 27 Club.”  states Porter Smith.  A lot of people have shown that they want to join this club because of how many famous celebrities have been a part of it.  Being a part of the 27 club grants you a small portion of fame.  People crave fame enough that they are willing to die for it.

Amar Delic, following a similar theory,  states, “I think at first it started as a coincidence, but then other artists kinda started committing suicide and overdosing because they wanted to be a part of the 27 club.  I think it all kinda turned into one big thing.”  

Nobody knows for sure as to why the 27 club exists, and this may never be a known fact.  The mystery lives on, but there are some things we can look into.  As studies have shown, the closer you get to 30, the mind starts to process things slower and becomes more prone to addiction.  Artists at the age of 27 are starting to move slower and feel less energized when performing.  This could be a big part of why celebrities become addicted to drugs or gain suicidal thoughts.