Destiny 2 to be the game of the year?

Erick Vidal, Reporter

Destiny 2 is finally here ladies and gentlemen. When the game dropped September 6th, 2017, Bungie knew that the game was going to be a hit because of the feedback with the open beta.

“With Destiny only being out for only two days it’s already better than the first one with graphics, story, and gameplay,” said Junior as he was excitingly playing Bungie’s new game, Destiny 2.

With the first Destiny game being so successful and with fans buying DLC (downloadable content), Bungie decided to make fans a new and improved game by giving the players more of what they wanted from Destiny.

“What do you think Bungie did differently to improve the game more?” “They made it look better with more cinematics and bringing out more of the characters you saw in Destiny 1,” said senior Jordan Hankins.

“it was already causing people to pull all-nighters till 5 in the morning” said an article by Anchor.

While the first Destiny game made 325 million their first week. Destiny 2 made around 500 million. Bungie posted the numbers after it launched.

The game was projected to last 10 (ten) years in, but the first one lasted three years because they wanted to improve on some of the things people were upset about. “It didn’t have much of a story and the gameplay could’ve been better,” Said Ulises Amaton, Senior. “Do you think  Destiny 2 will outlast the first one?” “Yes,” said Bryton Dahl, Senior, “it will last longer because it’s going to have more story and more open world content than the first game, but maybe it will last around the same time until they make another Destiny game.”

As good as the first game was with so many good memories and also the bad memories. Destiny 2 has already surpassed it with its beautiful gameplay, new and improved graphics, and bringing more of a story than the first one did. It is going to be a historic week for Bungie with sales.

IGN said “100 million “guardians” logged in on the first day of the release date.” Not even the original game had that many.

What you should expect from the game is a lot of all-nighters, but it will be all worth it because this is where Bungie will fix the mistakes they made in the first game.