Volleyball tries to improve off down year

After a down year girls’ volleyball is looking to go to state

Kalolaine Taukeiaho, Reporter

The school’s volleyball team has had a rough season thus far, and it’s all looking too familiar. Last season, the volleyball team struggled to close games and keep the energy up on the court.
Kailey Peterson, a senior and starting outside hitter knows good things are to come for this year’s volleyball team. “I don’t think this season is similar to last season because I feel we have more motivation to win this year than we did last year,” said Peterson. “We just need to find ways to put that motivation into play.”

However, the Lady Warriors fear nothing going into this season or this region, but they do know there is a lot to work on. “I think it’s normal for any player to feel scared about playing in any game, but as for us I think with this new region we have a better chance of winning games,” said Peterson. Although the mindset of coaches and players may not always be the same, they all have one goal: making it to the state championship.

The girls’ volleyball team has already played all of their preseason games, and they are now playing region games that could result in a qualification for the state championship or could bring yet another devastating season for volleyball.

Logan Otu, a junior and the starting setter for Varsity, is positive about the team’s performance, but still understands there’s room for improvement. “So far this season, we are doing alright, but if I’m being honest, it’s kind of hard not taking a lot of wins. We just need to fight and not feed off of our mistakes,” said Otu.

Cameron Tuimalatu, a senior on the team and a middle hitter, thinks the energy of the team is to blame for the recent losses. “I wish we would be more positive in game situations and have better attitudes. Making it to state would be great, but in order to do so I think it depends on us and how we choose to play as a team,” said Tuimalatu.

Not only do the players notice where they need to improve, the fans who watch the games notice as well. Emma Manusete, a junior at the school and a supporting member of the volleyball team wishes the team would play to the best of their abilities. “I think they should play smarter. I know they can play smarter but that’s another place where they kind of need to be better and believe in themselves. They seem to doubt themselves even after only making one mistake,” said Manusete.

Although the girls’ volleyball team looks to be struggling with a number of things this season, it isn’t enough to overshadow the special bond that is shared among each of the girls. “Our bond is great. I’m not sure about the bond that each of us girls has with the coach, but I think us players are really well connected with each other,” said Peterson.

Overall, the girls’ volleyball team understands what needs to be done in order to have a successful season, but they are still trying to find the answers that will help them progress. “I just wish we would have more communication, more hard workers, and most importantly the devotion to the ball that will get it up and put it into play,” said Peterson.