Coach Profile:Clint Barnes

Dallen Cameron, Sports editor

Coach Clint Barnes has dedicated 30 years of his life to coaching. This is his third year at Taylorsville as the volleyball coach. He has coached at Highland, Skyline, Stansbury, and Taylorsville.

Coach Barnes would like the community to be more involved in the volleyball program. He would like people to come watch matches more. He wants the volleyball team to get more involved with the community by doing different things to get the community to gravitate towards the teams.

“We need to get more involved, If we support our community, they will rally around us and show more support,” said Barnes.

Respect is enshrined in the golden rule. Coaches have expectations for their athletes. Many coaches have very strict rules. Coaches just want their athletes to succeed and have a great future. Barnes and his staff want the team to be one the highest in GPA average in the district.

Barnes said, “We want to be the highest, our goal is to be above a 3.8 GPA. I want our team to realize their behavior does affect our team and you are representing Taylorsville.”

Coaches are seen as role models. Athletes look up to coaches for support and guidance. Coaches also have role models. They look up to someone just as their athletes look up them.

“Karch Kiraly is my coaching role model, he has done some amazing things on and off the court. I believe he has the respect of many coaches volleyball and non-volleyball coaches, and also how could I forget my mom,” said Barnes.

Coaching may affect coaches in a positive or negative way. It is the way the coach wants to direct the team. Coaches develop a whole new perspective on working with and leading others. Barnes said, “Coaching is a very big part of my life, I love it. I have the opportunity to change people life and at such a young age. I’m very passionate about giving back to the sport of volleyball.”
As a coach Barnes has won two State Championships. A boys’ championship in 2003 and a girls’ champoinship in 2005.