The beauty of how the our generation view fashion and what have we become interest?

Our generation can change the course of fashion!

Ruth Khan

Fashion has always been around. We enjoy looking at new trends and using them to make our clothes to look good and stay on top on the new style.  Fashion adds to the personality of a person, inspiring people with similar views and new trends which can later on even change the world.

Some people follow rules of fashion and some don’t really have interest in high fashion.

The Big Four of fashion — Paris, Milan, London and New York — keep us posted on new fashion trends.

According to Vanessa Helmer from The Balance said, “These mega fashion capitals have a major influence on international fashion trends. They’re home to the most influential designers, the most important fashion weeks, and the biggest fashion magazines, not to mention endless trade shows, exhibitions, and award shows.”

A fashion designer works hard to change the views on peoples and try to make differences in their design.  Their job is to be on top of trends and make sure seasonal changes are up-to-date.  They attend fashion shows at a national and international level to be inspired and to understand the client’s target of new trendsetting. This fieldwork can help them create a concept and to create by putting their vision into a more tangible format. Later on, they’ll look for ways to promote their design: poster signs, social media, online, and stores.

Senior Camrym Olson says, “My style is strongly influenced by others. I talk to other people to see what they do and get inspiration. I get really into the design when I watch shows like Project Runway and Say Yes to the Dress.”

Some may  argue that fashion has rules to follow when it comes to creating trends. Most generation fashion had confliction with gender choice of style because it show what they might wear which it can include the color, patterns, and type of personality they will of style they are creating or following. Through generation, the fashion can be viewed on dress appropriation.

According to Luke Bailey from BuzzFeed, “ You’re convinced that anything “high fashion” has to be an elaborate practical joke…The concept of the entire magazines about clothes confuses you intensely.”

Sophomore Jael Aguilar said, “ I don’t see a rule of fashion, I feel like fashion is whatever you dress in pattern and how you see yourself like how you present yourself and how to feel about yourself. I feel like teenager makes up their own trends because some don’t look into fashion designer because how it is so expensive their clothes that teens tend to create from the generation that was once was popular but started to wear off due a new trend started to gain attention. I do see our generation tend to bring oldies trend mixing it up with the new trends that we have today.”

New trends in fashion include rip jean, forla jeans, half cut sweater, and contour. Old trends, especially from the seventies and nineties, are coming back with boyfriend jeans, chokers, flare jeans, overalls, and sunglasses with different hairstyles such as shaggy layers, long bob, Afropunk, and others.

Sophomore Jael Aguilar said, “I do see that our generation is cool with seeing boys wearing pink or pastel colors and girl wearing boy clothing because they do have some quality of clothes. Whereas back then women and men had rule whether is was dress appropriation.”

Philip Mak from the Huffington Post says, “While perhaps it is the fate of every waning generation to criticize the values and lifestyle of their successors, they also need a reality check. Millennials, or Generation Y, represent an estimated $2.45 trillion in spending power and have overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest, most influential group in terms of consuming and employment.”

This indicates although teens are on a budget we attend to look more fashion and trying to see what make our clothes look trendy and on chic. Our Millennial look into this and plan to keep fashion generation going with the use of the oldies with modern fashion.