Current fashions leave a lot uncovered

Trendy or offending?

Leilandra Toilolo

Tying their shirt in a knot at the front, more rips in their jeans, T-shirts becoming dresses, chokers, shirts getting higher and showing more stomach.

Everyone knows that one girl, or those group of girls who go to school or games in their crop tops and half of their pants gone even though it’s 40 degrees outside. It seems like the ‘in thing’ is for  girls to show more skin by wearing less clothes. For some people these new trends are super cute, but to others it can be a bit disturbing.

Recently, the school made it against dress code for girls to tie knots at the front of their shirts.

Joy Smith, (real name withheld, said,“They just keep adding more and more rules against what we’re wearing.” A lot of teenage girls get judged and make good first impressions by what they wear. The trends that they follow come from their idols.

Senior Kira Leota says, “ I feel like some girls dress how they [do] because they feel like they need to impress people, but other people just wear it because they feel good about themselves. Whatever they wear it makes a statement; like ‘I feel good today’ or ‘I’m wearing a sweater because I’m tired and I don’t feel like dressing up.’”

Everyone has their own sense of fashion. The way one girls dresses can be a huge no to someone else. When this happens some girls are very vocal about how disturbed they are by how someone else is dressed.

Leota said, . “One day I was wearing shorts that were school appropriate, but then a girl came and asked ‘Do you wear those in front of your mom?’ I got mad because my mom was the one who bought me these shorts so of course I’m going to wear it in front of her. After that me and this girl got in to a little argument.”

Leota also said that she is a trendy person.

With all these new trends some can’t help but wonder why girls dress the way that they do.  Does it make them feel more beautiful? Maybe it reflects how they’re feeling that day?Is it to impress boys? This last question leads many to think: what do guys think about the new trends for girls?

Sophomore Mormon Vaitu’u said, “ It really just depends on the guy. There some guys that like the way that girls are dressing now and there are some that don’t really care for how they dress now.”

Kevin Jones, real name withheld, said, “ Honestly I’m glad that the school is adding all of these new rules to the dress code. Girls really are showing more skin even in 40 degree weather. I think that what some girls forget is that guys think way differently than girls do and the girls who encourage this by wearing less clothes is offensive and disrespectful.”

Trends now can be cute, just don’t overuse it to the point where it can be offensive to those around you.