Battlefront 2 review

Tre Cook, Reporter

The new Battlefront 2 was released November 17 of this year. EA’s hopes were to build upon the success of Battlefront 1 while improving the shortcoming of Battlefront as well. Battlefront 2 at first glance blows Battlefront 1 out of the water with superior graphics, voice acting, sound effects and the addition of a single player mode.
However, it falls back by not only continuing the jank multiplayer progression system but by making it even more tedious driving more players away from continuously playing the game.
Some of the good things about the new Battlefront 2: Harder hitting blasters with a more satisfying laser sounds compared to the blasters in Battlefront 1. Battlefront 2 has several iconic Star Wars characters versus the limited amount in battlefront 1. This is both good and bad because some of the characters are stuffed in when they really never needed to be there.
Tommy Martinez said “While it was nice to be able to play and see some of these iconic characters, a lot of them just seemed unneeded and it was more of a tore through Star Wars just to be able to see them all.”
Since the game was produced by EA it has A1 graphics. The game is absolutely stunning, with supreme graphics, voice acting and sound effect. The game falls short mostly in the multiplayer aspect of the game which unfortunately is the biggest part of the game.
Battlefront two has a single player campaign unlike Battlefront one. They added an active reload system that made game play feel more skill based versus the “reload” system from Battlefront one.
They have made it rewarding for skilled players in the game, they have in map heroes you can only earn but of course, it’s the better the player the better the hero. They have flashy but simple space battles which were fun but could have been so much better.
Tristan Lee said “My favorite part was definitely being able to use the heroes in multiplayer. The way they implement the in map reward system is amazing.”

Some bad things about the new Battlefront 2: The campaign is a short 4 hours long with a potentially great story that is thrown away for a rushed and predictable plot with a shallow main character with no actual satisfaction in completing.
Taylorsville student Dylan Clark said,“While it has repetitive missions with glitchy game play and seemingly hurried up and predictable plots, it wasn’t all bad but my least favorite part was the new flight controls I prefer the controls from Battlefront One.”
This game has by far the worst progression system of any EA game to date. The system is made around collecting cards to upgrade a perk of one of the four classes randomly, not only was it pay to level up you class randomly through loot boxes the loot boxes also contained cosmetics so you had an even lower chance of actually getting anything to upgrade your favorite class.
Despite the backlash of angry players frustrated with the tedious progression system.
When I asked Taylor Caro said“It’s slow. There is no actual way to upgrade the class you use without loot crates that give out random perks for random classes! If that’s not bad enough they throw in random cosmetics so there’s an even lower chance to get the perk for the class you actually want.”
Only a call from the owner of Disney was enough to get the micro transactions taken out. (for now, they are to return at a later date)
Overall its moment to moment gameplay is strong, however, it’s not an actual game with true replayability due to the tedious truly random progression system. It is simply good star wars fun. This game flopped so hard that EA lost 3.1 billion dollars worth of shareholders.