Five fairytales you thought you knew

Sarah Al-Barkawi, Web Editor

Fairytales are cherished from childhood until adulthood: from singing along with music, to playing dress up and emotionally crying over happily ever afters. But few know that Disney movies sugarcoated the fairy tales for general enjoyment. Some popular tales that got a more palatable makeover are:

Cinderella- We all know her as the famous Disney princess who went from rags to riches with a bibbity bobbity boo from her fairy godmother. However, in the original Grimm Brothers fairy tale, Cinderella went to three balls but was never given a fairy godmother. Instead of relying on magical fairy powers, Cinderella got her dress by praying to a tree next to her mother’s grave. On the night of the ball, she dances with the prince and when her time is up, she disappears by climbing up trees. The following night, the prince decides to set up a trap so she won’t escape. It doesn’t work, but Cinderella’s slipper falls off, so the prince uses it to look for her. As he arrives at Cinderella’s mansion, her stepsister cut off their toes in heels to fit into the shoe but notice the blood found Cinderella married her the sister try to attend the wedding their eyes were pecked out by birds. Junior Alicia Williams (real name withheld) said,” I love the original version. I hate the Disney version, it’s so girly and sad.”

Pinocchio– A puppet maker by the name of Geppetto creates a wooden puppet who comes to life. The doll then dreams becoming real boy but the only way for him to turn into one is finding out who he really is. In Carlo Collodi’s version of the story, Pinocchio runs away from Geppetto and is caught by the police assuming that Geppetto’s has been abusing him. Pinocchio returns back home to find a Jimmy cricket accidentally ends up killing him. Later, Pinocchio is punished and gets lynched by a tree and dies.

Snow White– “Mirror, on the wall, who, now, is the fairest one of all?” This is one of the most famous quotes from the tale where a jealous evil queen tries to get rid of her stepdaughter by poison apple. The twisted version of this story is that Snow White’s mother, the evil queen, sends the huntsman to kill her stepdaughter and to bring back her lungs and liver so she can consume them. The plan fails later on when Snow White and the prince get married and invite everyone and the evil queen attends, not knowing whose wedding it is. At the wedding, she is forced to dance while wearing scorching iron shoes untill she drops dead.

Hunchback of Notre Dame  – Quasimodo, the hunchback in Paris, who is treated cruelly by the townsfolk but later on in the movie he makes new friends such Esmeralda, the town gypsy who is accused of witchcraft and is almost burned at the stake. When Quasimodo saves her, he his finally accepted to society. In Victor Hugo’s tale, Quasimodo never saved Esmeralda from being executed. Consumed with anger, he kills Frollo the evil priest. Afterward, he holds Esmeralda’s corpse, and grief stricken stays by her side until he dies from starvation.

Princess and the Frog – The Disney version is a modern twist on the original tale of The Princess and the Frog, telling the story of Prince Naveen, a cocky prince, who gets cursed by a witch doctor and turned to a frog. Desperately trying a way to turn back he goes to the Mardi Gras party to find a girl by the name of Tiana and scares her asking her for a kiss. She hesitates but when she kisses him, she turns into a frog herself. The two go on a long journey to turn back to their original forms and live happily ever after. The happy ending was not met for this couple in the original tale. Rather than sharing a kiss, the princess decapitates the prince to break the curse. Sophomore Kevin Aguilar (real name withheld) said, “That’s crazy I can’t believe she decapitates him the one I’ve always heard is that prince has is whole flesh burned to turn back human. I just love Brother Grimm tales.”