Player Profile: Skylar Cooper


Callé Hansen, A&E Editor

Senior Skylar Cooper is on the swim team, as well as a water polo player. All year long he is in the water doing one thing or another.

Cooper says “I joined water polo because I loved swimming and I thought it would be fun to try something that was swimming but as well as another sport, another game in the water”

Water polo is a game in the water where you have seven people on each side, and they try to get the ball into the other team’s goal. It is often described as a combination of soccer, and hockey in the water.

“My favorite part about water polo is the team. I love playing with different teams and making new friends and it is a good time”

Taylorsville doesn’t currently have a water polo team, but Cooper, along with some friends go and play with Copper Hills.

Cooper says, “My favorite memory of water polo is when I went to Cedar City to the summer games tournament, and stayed in a hotel room with all of my friends. It was just kind of a blast. We stayed up all night and played, and it was a good time.”

Ben Taylor, one of Cooper’s friends on the swim team says, “He is just an athlete in general .He is super strong. He probably the most determined person I have ever met. There were lots of times i didn’t want to go to swim, but then he would be like, Benji just go and get better .Even when he was super sick he would go, and he would always go to early morning swim. You can just tell that he really just loves what he does.”

Cooper has been swimming for eight years and been playing water polo for four years.

His favorite stroke however is breaststroke because, “Unlike the other strokes it takes more technique because you don’t more as quickly, you have to really use your glide. It is just a little bit more difficult than the other ones.”

Taylor describes his swimming skills as “insanely good”.

Cooper was a captain on this year’s swim team. With everything going on, polo, swim, friends, family, and school work Cooper says, “I think the hardest thing is just making sure that I keep enough time for all of them, and set aside time to keep school work involved. Balancing time is the hardest thing.”

Swimming, and waterpolo aren’t the only things Cooper does. His other hobbies include hiking, biking, skiing, hanging out with friends, and going for drives while listening to music.

His pet peeves are “When you pull up to the bank, and someone in front of you is taking forever, or the same thing at a drive through. When you are stuck behind someone who is taking forever.”

Taylor says, “He is just a good guy, he is super funny, too. I have laughed my hardest with him.”