Pearl Ashton, Editor-In-Chief

Francesco’s Restaurant is an underrated jewel that lies on 1922 W and 54th. This Italian restaurant is a cozy alternative to its neighbors Texas Roadhouse and Leatherby’s, which are a lot more hectic due to their popularity.

Senior Aspen Earnhart, Feature Editor, said, “I ordered the fettucini alfredo–a classic. I’ve been going to Francesco’s for years and it’s always just as good. Also, the cheese sticks are the best thing they have there. I could literally eat them as a meal. The only downside is that sometimes the service isn’t that great.”

Right as you walk in, you are greeted with smiles. They bring out lots of appetizers, and the meal itself ends up being enough for two people, depending on what you order.

“I had never been to Francesco’s before and I was honestly very impressed,” said Senior Oliver Fierro, staff member and illustrator. “The restaurant itself was very nice and the servers were very kind. I ordered the Stuffed Manicotti. The meat sauce was flavored to perfection, and the cheese it was stuffed with was the gooiest cheese I have ever eaten. The amount they serve you is really enough for two people but hey, I got lunch the day after out of it. All in all, it was really great.”

Francesco’s has many food options for everyone. They have at least one vegetarian option in almost every food category. They have a variety of drinks and desserts to compliment your meal also. Pizza, pasta, sandwiches, soup, salads, and even seafood is available for your consumption.

“The food is great. The cheese sticks were a surprise. They bring you these plates full of what looks like cheese pizza as an appetizer,” said Bryan Banuelos, Spanish Editor. “Personally, the place has a good, cozy vibe but you can still feel it’s missing something. However, the food complements perfectly. I ordered Ravioli and Minestrone soup. The soup had a heavy taste but the pasta took that away and blended really good. They served me about eight ravioli, stuffed with meat and covered in Italian sauce. Although the plates may be a little bit big after a lot of cheese sticks, iced tea and soup, Francesco’s leaves you with the need to go back.”

Dallen Cameron, Sports Editor, said, “I loved the food […] It was the greatest thing I have ever eaten. The price was an okay estimate for the food. The service was really great.”

As Federico Fellini once said, “Life is a combination of magic and pasta,” and the food at Francesco’s captures both. It’s at least worth it to go try out. Go taste the magic.