Player Profile: Jessie Marchant


Alexa Blaise Chandler, Photo and Art Editor

Junior Jessie Marchant is an active member of the Taylorsville Tennis Team as First Singles and Captain. He has played tennis since he was four and has waited a fairly long time to participate on a high school team.

In singles, you are playing one-on-one with another player, with the ultimate goal of winning a match. The tennis team has found great success this year, with Marchant winning BLANK of his BLANK matches.

“My favorite parts of playing tennis are the competition aspect and the relationships you build,” says Marchant. “Competition pushes you to be better in every aspect.”

A captain always needs some to look up to and for Jessie Marchant, Kolby Silim inspired Marchant to continue working towards greater goals in Tennis.  

“[Silim] was first singles my freshman year and I still continue to learn lots from him,” said Marchant.

Within tennis, Marchant has found that his leadership skills are increasingly growing and helping him excel in life.

“I’m becoming more of a leader of my team, but I’m also great friends with all of the players and coaches. It is balance of teaching and friendship that helps both the team and I grow,” said Marchant.

Marchant finds great value in both sports and in the arts, where he participates with the Taylorsville Theatre Department in the Theatre 3 class and stage productions. He also likes to sing and play the piano.

“It takes a lot of hard work to balance it all and a lot of sleep loss, but I know it will be worth it in the end,” said Marchant.