Player Profile: Amy Chung

Thomas Woods, A&E Editor

Sophomore Amy Chung is a Varsity goalie player for the Taylorsville High Girls’ Soccer team. She has been playing soccer for four years, starting in 6th grade, and has held her position of goalie the entire time. In soccer, the goalie is responsible for preventing the other team from scoring by intersecting shots the opposing team makes.

“My favorite part about playing soccer is being with your teammates, meeting new people and creating a lifelong bond with these amazing people[…]It’s the best feeling in the world to know your teammates will always support you when you’re on the field or off the field,” says Chung.

Amy has been positively changed by soccer, from the experiences she shares with her team to the great memories she has with it.

“I remember the game [against Eisenhower] was very intense and we went down three to nothing in the first half. Our coach, Mrs. Yockey, told us to focus, not worry about the score and go out there and play your hardest. The second half was the best half that our team has ever played, we all worked together, and we ended up scoring four goals to beat our rivals.” says Chung.
Outside of soccer, Chung is also on the swim team and has a passion for traveling and volunteering. Last year she made it to state for the Wasatch and for the Taylorsville swim teams.

Soccer for Amy is that of fun and positivity, and it has been lifechanging for her. “It has always been a big part of my life and partaking in it had a positive influence on me[…]It has since helped me develop as a person to show that I am capable of performing in something I wasn’t familiar with. Soccer has helped me believe that in life if you worked hard you could be successful in anything,” says Amy.

The Girl’s Soccer season started in August and their next game is on October 4th, versus Herriman. Come join and support the team and watch some great gameplay.