How Theatre Positively Affects Students

Rayven Cann, Sports Editor

The theatre. A place filled with creativity, memories, and history. Theatre has been around since the sixth century, and has continued to impact lives for about two-thousand years. Theatre has always had an affect on the actors, audience members, and directors whether that affect be physical, emotional, personal, or social.

In her publication titled, ‘The Effect of Acting Upon the Human Mind’, for the University of Malta , Rebecca Sammut said, “Although three out of the four respondents in my study claimed that they had never experienced any change in personal identity, they still insisted that they have had character roles which left a temporary effect on their identity.”

Sammut’s studies have proven that some roles have lasting effects on a person mentally. In the study, Sammut’s interviews revealed that half of them agreed confidence had changed the most in themselves. Others said that it was a sort of outlet that left them calmer, and even brought up career motives. Three out of her four sources led careers in acting in their later life.

Junior Riley Moore said, “Theatre has taught me many valuable lessons whether it was from my teachers, peers, or even the characters I played and the scenes that I was in.”.

Roles can teach an actor many things, and those things may shape the actor from its lesson.

Theatre teacher Mr.Garner said, “Theatre kids learn teamwork, confidence, how to meet deadlines, creative problem solving, and how to empathize with others- which society is slowly discovering to be one of the most vital skills we can learn.” For years Mr. Garner has implemented a curriculum focused around many different life lessons.

Some of these life lessons have impacted students greatly. “ I used to be pretty shy, lonely, and I stayed home and only socialized with my inner circle- Now I go to a lot more auditions, theatre activities, and I’ve become more outgoing and assertive,” said senior Stephan Taggart.

Not only does theatre affect personality and social interactions, but behavior and mindsets. Choral Director Mrs. Tarrant said, “ I have seen time and time again where a student comes in to an audition and doesn’t think they do very well and are visibly depressed about their audition and then end up getting one of the leads.”

So, if you may be thinking that you could never be part of a show because you aren’t good enough, just know that sometimes we are better than we allow ourselves to think we are. Sophomore Jocelyn Tuttle said, “ I don’t believe that I’d be who I am just because everyone who takes theatre is pulled from their shells and without that, I’d still be shy.”

Bonding and friendship is one of the most valuable benefits of being in theatre. Former student and Stage Manager Payton Wright said, “The amount of bonding that happens in theatre is insane. You spend a crazy amount of time together and you are forced to work together, there’s no time for fighting. Only work. It matures you fast.”

Along with Wright’s view on bonding, Senior Jaden Jensen said, “ I would still be social and outgoing [without theatre], but I wouldn’t have the same friends and I wouldn’t be so involved in school activities.”

Theatre is a wonderful place full of lessons, friendship, changes, and history. Doors are always opened to anyone interested in Theatre located in B-106. Theatre is a tough career to enter, which means not so many people will stick with it into their later life, but rather keep it as a passion.