Library Uses


Robert Loose, Reporter

 A special room resides in H Hall. It is a Room of Requirements of sorts, with uses ranging from a robotics lab to a computer lab, and from a chill spot to a classroom. This magical room is called the Media Center, commonly called the library.

In the library, students are free to do whatever they want, quietly of course, as long as they are not disruptive to other students or staff. The library has a large computer lab, a creativity room with lots of art supplies, and a huge selection of books from mythical fantasy to incredibly boring textbooks full of useful(ish) facts.

One of the most popular parts of the library is the computer lab, a large area with 41 student accessible desktops, all free for students to use at their leisure. They can be used for anything from writing an essay (or a newspaper article) to doing a group presentation on the chemicals used to make fireworks. They are very useful, especially to those who get in the habit of carrying a flash drive around in their pocket.

   Another of the library’s parts is what makes it an actual library: books! The Taylorsville library has dozens of books of all specialties. From gut-wrenching love stories to murder mysteries, the library is full of heart-stopping stories just waiting to be read. Along with fiction, there are many nonfiction books, instruction manuals, and textbooks that students can check out at will, as long as they are returned on time.

   One of the newest and least known areas of the library is the Maker Studio, a small room off to the side of the Computer Lab filled with art supplies, a TV to plug a laptop or gaming console into, a table for projects, and a set of fun little robots and Arduino circuit boards for students to learn programming on. The art supplies contain everything from K’NEX, to Legos, to arts and crafts supplies. The room is designed to be a free space for students to learn and grow to create with the craft supplies, and to play with friends in a game.

   The library is used a lot in the morning to finish homework and to relax and socialize. During lunch, it is mostly a relaxation space, with students coming to play with the Chess sets or other games available for use, including Checkers, Battleship, and Connect Four. After school, the library is mostly used as a Computer Lab.

      The library isn’t just for the Students either, with many teachers seeking the aid of Ms. Wyness: the schools Library Media Educational Technology Specialist (LMETS), the person in charge of all the Taylorsville technology: from the Chromebooks to the monitors around the schools and the computer labs. The library isn’t the only the only way to find books though. Overdrive is a useful tool for students who want to read or listen to a book, but don’t want to carry a physical copy around with them wherever they go. Just download the app, log in to the Granite library, and download whatever book or audiobook you want, then carry it with your music, friends, movies, games, schoolwork and whatever else in your back pocket! The easiest way to carry your life.