Creative Writing

Rayven Cann, Sports Editor

As December and the New Year grow near, events are fast and upcoming. For music groups, their tour is upcoming. For cheer and drill, competitions are just around the corner. Speaking of corners, for hidden authors, Teen Author Boot Camp (TABC) is coming in March.

   Teen Author Boot Camp is a type of symposium for all things writing. Local authors from Utah started up TABC as a way to teach teens the basics of writing and ways to grow and develop their talents. Authors Margie Jordan, Jo Schaffer, Jennifer Jenkins, Tasha Wilson, and Lois D. Brown are all founders of TABC.

   One thing that causes a lot of excitement for students are the keynote speakers. Keynote speakers tend to be more well-known authors that start and end the symposium with advice and a little bit about them.

Senior Vanessa Robles said, “In 2017, Jay Asher was a key speaker. He was my favorite because he explained all of his struggles to get a book out to the public and hard content struggles.”

   As the symposium goes on, students break off to attend classes. All of the authors teach different classes on many different aspects of writing.

“The class I found most helpful was ‘Guess the Word’ workshop. It taught me how to say something without stating it bluntly,” said senior Lili Rivas who attended in 2017.

   One of the hardest choices to make at TABC is what classes to attend. Before TABC takes place, a breakdown of the class schedule will be released on so that students can pick and choose what classes they desire.

“Christian McKay Heidicker taught a class about adding your hobbies into your writing. It’s basically about how important it is to see yourself in your writing,” said Robles.

   After all of the set class times have come to an end, participants head back to the large ballroom. After the second and final keynote speaker, a book and poster signing is the last hurrah of the event. “One of my favorite memories was when I met Marie Lu and she signed my books,” said senior Samantha Thompson.

   This year, Teen Author Boot Camp will be at the Utah Valley Convention Center. TABC is scheduled March 23, 2019, from nine a.m. to seven p.m. Registration is currently $79 until February 1, 2019. From February 2-March 15, 2019 it will be $99. Registration includes tuition for the day, a TABC drawstring backpack, a TABC t-shirt, a conference program, lunch, and a snack. At the conference, they will have a makeshift bookstore with tables of books from the authors who are attending. Participants are encouraged to buy books, so if you plan on buying books bring some extra cash.